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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's a Whale of a Tale

What a Whale of a Tale... Spirit and I went
to the library and brought home lots of stories with
whales in them. We learned together about the many
different kids of whales, how they eat and how they
swim. Spirit really enjoyed learning about the whale. I
pulled out our beginner bible stories book and read the
story of Jonah and the whale, as I closed the book Spirit
says but Mommy, there are more stories to read. I was
going to begin reading stories from this bible book in the
fall but maybe we will begin now. No time like the present.

I gave Spirit a huge piece of whte paper to paint a blue
ocean on. He spent quite a while swirling and making his
sea. I also had precut whales that we colored to match our
favorite whales in our whale book. I did one along with Spirit
and he wanted glue both in his Sea.

This is a great dollar store craft... I paid $1 for a stack
of white cups, $1 for a package of pipe cleaners, $1. for
the colored beads, $1 for the wiggle eyes and less than
a $1 for the craft foam. Everything was bought at the dollar
store except the foam. I found the idea here ...Whale Craft

For a little ocean ABC practice I wrote the ABCs inside
of seashells. Spirit tosses a little pipe cleaner rolled into
a ball into the shells. Then he names the letter and letter sounds.
He played with this till all the letters were named.


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