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Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's a shARK ATTACK!!!!

We have dived into the sea and come up unscathed..
Until... The SHARKS!! This ocean Theme has been
so much fun. Spirit hasn't been ready to learn lots
of facts about a particular topic but it has enjoyable
for him to know that these types of animals exist
and to be able to name them by their names. We
read simple stories about these ocean creatures and
play with them. That is enough. In fact, I just thought
of the shark we have sitting in a bucket outside. I
purchased grow your own shark at the dollar store.
Spirit enjoyed playing with him in the bucket on some
of the hot days we have had along with his sea
animals that squirt water. (also bought at the dollar

I tried to find a craft for each one. So that
when he is done he has a container of sea
animals to play with till they fall apart. The one
below is made from a spoon. I wish I was so creative
but I found the idea at Activity Village. One suggestion
is to hot glue some of the pieces. In particular the mouth
to the bottom of the spoon and the fin. The rest can
be glued together with elmers glue. Including the inside
of the mouth and teeth. Just any parts connecting to
the spoon have mom use hot glue. I used a rubber
band to hold the mouth until it was completely dry but
that may have been more of a problem for us because
we tried elmers first. Superboy enjoyed this activity as well.

This Shark game is mine. I found the shark pattern in one
of my old mailbox magazines. You can use any shark pattern
or coloring page that you can find. You child can color it if he
or she likes. When organizing my craft supplies I found a few
sequin fish. Spirit enjoyed rolling a dice and then feeding that
many fish to the shark.

I was really surprised that Spirit could master this maze but master
He did. He wanted to do it again so we pulled out different color
pens for him to use. I found this fun maze and lots of other
activities on Sharks at
Kid Zone . You will find a coloring
page for your shark math there too.


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