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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hearts Graduation 2010

Well Graduation was finally here and went by so quickly.
Over the years I have gotten to know so many of the young
men and women that my daughter graduated with and
there were 6 cousins that graduated along with her too.
If you read my last post you know that I had back pain.
That back pain flared up even more the next day and
then began to subside a bit. I put in to my pastor for
special prayers during graduation so that I could see my
child. Somehow those prayers were answered. I
only felt a dull ache most of the time. The next day
and today is another story. The odd thing was in the
morning before graduation I had such pain that I cried
for fear I was going to miss the entire thing. I even called
the school hoping for some accommodations. I wanted to
bring a chair and sit beside the bleachers but they said
all had to be in the bleachers. Painstakingly I went
and bathed to get ready. As I did though the major part
of the pain just went. It was so amazing and just
proves Gods grace. Graduation was very interesting
to say the least. Not just for my child but what we
had to go though to see it.

Let me begin our story...
The photo below is obviously not graduation but
I saw it in hearts photos and had to share it. This was
on their Senior trip to Inner Harbor in Baltimore Maryland.
These are two of her closest friends. In such a small
town like ours it is really special to grow and change
with a friend and stay friends. The great thing about
these boys is that they are really sweet guys. Their
values are in the right place and they strive to do
their best while encouraging one another.

Before Graduation Heart received her big gift which was
a rather elaborate Camera. Which was exactly
what she wanted. She was so excited. Thanks
to the gift giver. Most of the photos today are from
said camera. I think I like hers now more than mine.

Getting to graduation was a huge deal. I couldn't
drive because of pain medication. My mom and dad
had to come and get Heart. Then they had to come
back and get the rest of us. Since we all don't fit
in the van together. Right before graduation we got a
phone call that uncle Buzz passed away. He had had
a heart condition just like our daddies. He had a heart attack
while driving . Princess stood on the side walk and cried
and cried. Still we went on. It would be the kids Great uncle.
In the coming days we will say goodbye to a fun
loving man. God be with you Buzz.

The schools parking near the
stadium is ridiculous. You have to park at the
Middle school or elementary and be bused to the location.
Since my back was out the school allowed us to drive
behind the bleachers to park. I was able to walk with
my grandpas cane to the stands. The thought occurred to me
that Grandpa was watching and still helping with his
cane. We were so very lucky to find a seat in the front
so that I didn't have to walk up any stairs.
This was the first graduation in our new
Paper makers stadium but the clouds were luminous
around us. I was trying to figure out why we were
outside and not in. Wondering who made that decision.

The graduating class was sitting in an odd formation.
We were so excited to see them. The Alma mater was
sung. I heard a few elderly people singing along but
apparently someone forgot to teach it to many classes
because no one else seemed to know it. Including
myself who also graduated from Spring Grove high in 91.

Hearts dearest Friend "W" gave a special speech that brought
tears to my eyes. He is the boy in the middle of the
crab photo above. I had to really focus because the
crowd was rather rude. People were constantly moving
around, getting up and walking. One family actually
stood in front of me and made introductions. Children
banged their feet along the metal bleachers with parents

grinning at them. Some were kind and took off their shoes
to walk down quietly to use the restroom. Ok one lady.
Someone else seemed to drop a bag of candy that clinked
down the bleachers. Despite that "W's" Speech was amazing.
He talked about change. How much they all changed form freshmen
to now . What they had learned about themselves and people
and friends and who they were to become. As a side note
while all this is going on the thunder on occasion is booming
in the distance... (I am sure you know what is coming)

My Heart stood and sang Wonderful world. Sweet pea
was so mesmerized as usual by the chorus singing. She
sits perfectly still and gazes as if in a trance and then
It happened. The booming got louder and louder. I yelled
to Hearts boyfriend to cover the camera as he was taking
photos for me. Superboy leans over and says mom we
need to get off these bleachers were sitting on metal.
Smart kids. We began to leave our seats just as a fight
broke out. Boys behind us got in an altercation. A father
grabbed one of the boys and told him to disperse. We
moved as quickly as we could. The last time I was a
witness to a fight on bleachers a young man fell down
The bleachers at my feet. It was mass hysteria as everyone
tried to leave the stadium and get to the gym. Which
if you know Spring Grove this is no small feat. Up
a huge hill to the school. I took grandpas cane and
hobbled to the car as fast as could be but with everyone
running madly to cars and to the school we weren't
moving. Eventually we go up to the school and my
dad dropped me out , mom and the kids.

Now previously if you had a child graduating you got
6 tickets if the event was inside. The administration
for whatever reason decided to cram everyone in the gym.
Some sat on bleachers, some stood, some stood on the
walking track above they gym. Most of us got in but my
family could not find a place to be with a small baby. So
they had to go in the auditorium. Which I didn't think was
fair. I choose to see my child upfront and stand with my
cane. Eventually someone took pity on me and gave me
a chair to sit on along with many of the handicap in wheel
chairs or pregnant women. Then others proceeded to
stand in front of those people.

I sat listening intently until we were near Hearts last
name and stood up to see her get her diploma. I cried
I seriously did. All our hard work. All those days studying
together. All the trials and joys. My girl was growing up.
Children begin to Silly string the crowds and eventually
the beach balls were flying. It was a wild graduation.

Despite all the trials for our family to see her
get her diploma. I was joyous and so proud of
my girl. She fought the system so hard creating Prayer
groups in the school and standing up for what she
believes more time than I can count. Fighting with administration
to be able to bring and read her bible to school. Fighting still for
friends who need it. Working so hard with As and an occasional
B. Always so good and loving.

Congratulations 2010

My girl and her dear friend W. Finished at last.

(I have many more photos to share but I need to go
rest my back now. )


  1. Reading your entry brought tears to my eyes. Everything your family went through to see Heart graduate will bring back wonderful memories. Not too many of us can say that we had such a memorable graduation. I'll say a prayer for your back.


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