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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Family Photos...

Well here they all are my happy five at Hearts Graduation. I
had to laugh because we all dressed in blue but Sweet pea and
it wasn't intentional, at least not thoughtfully. I know
this was Hearts big day but when I saw this photo I
instantly thought Wow Princess is growing up so fast.
She is becoming such a beautiful girl even though she doesn't
always realize it or have that sense of self yet.

This one of Heart and I is bitter sweet. At this point the pain
was pointed. Today I am still struggling with it. It is a dull
tingling pain now. More needling than anything. I still don't
trust carrying Sweet pea around and often ask the children
to pick her up to put her where I want her.

Then there is Sweet pea with those big blue eyes.
So vibrant. Playing shy and innocent. She is
such a sweet little girl. I am not sure who in
our family she looks like. The boys have blue
eyes too. (Daddys are hazel and mine are brown) but
Sweet peas are ohhh sooo blue. Her hair is so light in color
too . Daddy and I both have darker hair. It is always
possibly it will darken over time.

I think she may just break some hearts someday.
Maybe a little in the face like my neice..What do
you think Brother dear? This picture in particular
I think......


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