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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Life

There is my memorial day baby. Isn't she so sweet in her
patriotic outfit. She is 9 months old . Today I come
to you in pain. Yesterday I made the mistake of rough
housing with the boys. Spirit thought it would be fun to
jump on mommies back. Then Superboy tried. Now I was ok
with Spirit he is 35 lbs soaking wet but Superboy .... Yikes.
He literally brought tears to my eyes. I know he didn't mean
to hurt me that way. This morning all felt fine. I went
grocery shopping. When I came home I sat the baby seat
down with Sweet pea in it and wham it shot right
up in there. Now I can barely move. I enlisted the
children to do my chores for me and Superboy has this
so sad face every time I look at him. I keep saying its ok
honey. What he doesn't realize is that I always have
trouble with that side of my back. It is always a weak
spot that the older I get the worse it behaves. I suppose
both of us learned a lesson. I am getting to old
to rough house and Superboy has to learn his own
strength. Which is something boys sometimes have
trouble with.

Even though I have this back pain there is a smile on
my face. I feel good inside. God is so good. He knows what is
to come and when and the reason for it. Princess has
jumped into place and can handle everything. Superboy is
a close second. They are proud of all they know how to do
as far as caring for our home. At the moment Princess
is washing dishes, Spirit is playing outside, Superboy is
watching TV, Sweet pea is dozing off to sleep and Daddy
is painting our porch. Everyone busy and Mommy sitting. Its
odd to me really. To sit still.

I am anxious to start our summer vacation but still working
on a few lessons. The children seem ok with this schedule.
They have plenty of time to be outside and yet complete
their task for the day. It is easy to fill our days with books
when it is cold or rainy . When that sun is shining we all
want to go outside and feel the warmth on our faces
and the grass in our toes.

Heart has been running around to all sorts of Graduation
Parties. This photo is of her and her cousin at a recent
pool party. Today heart is on her Senior trip, Tomorrow is
commencement practice and then Friday is our big day.
I pray I will be able to hobble to the ceremony.

Look for our Whale Activities later this week.


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