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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ending our School year

School has just about ended for us. We are wrapping up a few
things and then we will go to a light school schedule.
At first I thought it was best if we just took an all out
break but I can see that the learning never stops so,
no matter we will learn as we go. I have a few projects
I plan to post for you. If you are wondering what you might
find on our blog this summer. Here are a few things
we have in store for us and our children.

We like to take advantage of all the free resources
in our area. Regal Cinema has free movies on Tuesdays
and Wed. We do not attend them all but it's nice on a
hot day to make a trip to the movie theatre.
If you'd like to see if there are movies in your area
for free you can find out by clicking here....
Free Family Movies

Our local library is making a Splash into Reading.
We started counting our reading minutes on
Monday. We will be attending some fun activities
such as Water games on the library lawn, Traveling
reptiles, Steppin Woofs and lots of story time.
If my children read 800 minutes they will get free passes
to our local pool, free passes to a baseball game,
and a special set sail story time and party.
Check your local library to see what great adventures
they have in store for you.

Our library and our local county parks have gone
together to create a workbook for children to find
letterboxes. So to get out and about we will be
participating in our state parks letter box hunt.
If your library doesn't do this you can find letter
boxes on your own at Letterboxing or GeoCaching.

We will also participate in Harp in the Park
which is taught by a local women on how
to play the Autoharp. She does this on wed.
at the park and we hope to join in a few again
this year but not sure just yet. When I asked the
kids about it they all didn't seem excited .
I may take the excited ones.

I am also excited to be taking Superboy to a
Comics club. I think he will enjoy drawing and
creating his own comics. This is put on by our
local homeschool association.

In July we will be attending our Church's VBS.
This year the theme is Galactic Blast. Heart
and I are in charge of music . I am pretty
excited about being in charge of something new.
Typically I have the preschoolers in some form or other.
Check out Cokesbury website to learn more if your
church is interested in putting on this VBS.

Our family will also go to Ocean City Maryland.
It is a tradition that we have been unable to partake
in the last few years. We go with my Mom and Dad
and stay in an apartment together. My brother and
his family will be coming too. It should be a fun
relaxing time.

We have some playground days scheduled, picnics,
family reunions, dr. appointments (yuck), a church
lock-in, and sometime for myself a summer
bible study. From the study Seeking Him
By DeMoss and Grissom. I hope to post more
On this study. I am really getting a lot out of it.


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