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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well I am happy to announce that our deep cleaning week is
at a close. Superboy is still working on a few things but as
far as Mom is concerned it is deep cleaned. I finished up
this afternoon and it felt so good. Typically I keep up a
schedule of work done by activity. I don't work by room.
I like to do all the vacuuming in one day or all the dusting
breaking it into tasks for each day. During my pregnancy
things sort of got away from me as far as good deep down
cleaning. I constantly felt like I was trying to catch up
with my work and that is an overwhelming feeling for me.
With all that is going on in our lives it feels good to
have something go as planned. I am glad to be able to
take this time to get these things done. Now that it is
done I will revise and get back into my task schedule.
Which to me is less painful than trying to get it all done
quickly. Work as you go. Pick up as you go. If you walk
past it you might as well take it with you. Some tasks
are done daily without a schedule like washing off
counters,tables, picking up and sweeping the kitchen floor.
Those aren't included in my weekly schedule. If you
followed me from my old blog this might look familiar
to you.

Here is My cleaning schedule if you'd like to take a look...

Monday- 3 loads of wash, Clean all appliances,
stove, refrigerator and Microwave. (wiping inside
and out) Vacuum carpets, 15 mins. on a project

Tuesday- Wash wash clothes, towels, and bedding's
Dust everything, 15 mins. on a project.

Wednesday- 3 loads of wash, clean sinks, tub and
toilet, Vacuum carpets, 15 mins. on a project

Thursday- Wet mop tile floors, 2 loads of wash
and work on Sunday school lessons, 15 mins on
a project

Friday- 3 loads of wash, Carpets and rugs
15 mins. on a project.

Saturday- School planning, Vacuum as needed.
15 mins. on a project.

Sunday- Family day.

If you are wondering what 15min. projects are
they are things I want done. I make a list
at the beginning of the week. Such as...

Cleaning my desk, organizing a shelf or drawer,
taking inventory of food, making grocery list,
Getting items ready for a yard sale, or seasoning
out the clothing's, washing toys or even washing
curtains. Whatever I see needs completed for that
week. An area that needs notice.


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