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Monday, June 28, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is...June 28th, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

It is HOT, HOT, HOT out there. I feel bad for
those without AC. including our children who don't
have it in their rooms. A few times now they have
camped out in the AC rooms floor. It is to hot to even

Weekend at a Glance.....

Saturday was wonderful. We did nothing. All our cleaning
was done. We sat and watched some movies since it
was soo Hot out. Then Sunday after church we went
swimming for a bit and had lunch with mom and dad.
It was a relaxing weekend, including rice crispy treats.

Sad but true I missed the sermon this Sunday. I am
nusery supervisor at our church so sometimes that occurs.
We have a speaker in our room but there are sundays our
room is full that we hear nothing anyway. This particular
Sunday my helpers daughter was ill so I was with a friend
I love to chat with. We sat and talked with the children,
enjoying their company.

Health Care....

Well, Its offical. Now I have high blood pressure.
A combination of some meds I am on and stress. So off
the meds. Not much I can do about the stress.

Still awaiting response from Cobra and SSI.

From the learning rooms...

Superboy and I will work on a little phonics
this week and reading practice but that probably
will only be about a 30 minute activity. We will work
this way all summer.

From our kitchen...
Monday- leftovers Of Shimp scampi and crab balls
Tuesday- Salads and fruit
Wednesday- Hamburgers on the grill
Thursday- Bar b que chicken, baked potatoes, carrots
Friday- Tuna Salad sandwiches and oven french fries
Weekend sandwiches, fruit, salads, leftovers.

I am wearing...
black shorts and Burgandy tank Top

I am creating...
Lessons for the fall. I am excited about Spirits lessons
so far.

I am hearing....
Daddy and Superboy working on a toy model
and Sweet pea shaking her toys.

Favorite things.....
Spirits paper turtle and decorated sea shell
Makes me think of the beach.

I am Thankful for..

- Our summer Revival bible study
Please pray this week for our hearts as they
Strive for the Honestly

-our van being inpsected and in working order
(Thanks mom and dad)

- Sweet peas soft cheeks

-The adorable clothes that I was given by
family for Sweet pea. Thank you it was much appreciated

-Spirits energy. (I'd like some)

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator (2 More weeks)

Our financial situation is worse. Praying our
situation to elevate soon. Specifically for a
job to become available that Daddy can do with his

For our church attendance has been waivering
and will get worse over the summer months. For
Some reason people forget God when the weather
gets warm.

Prayers for my friends daughter who has some
terrible virus.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday-Bible Study
Tuesday- Grocery shopping
Friday-Dr. appointment for the boys (Check ups)
Saturday- Maybe some fireworks
Sunday- Sunday services

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Math Links

I am attempting to save all of my links to my blog, but
want a few notes along with them. I will be saving them
into this format. If you find a link , while looking, that is no
longer in working order please let me know and I'll remove it.

Today I will share my Math links...

Math Wire - Math wire is at the top of my list of websites
because it is my favorite math site of them all. If I had
to only choose one to save this would be it. There are
many math games and printables on this site for learning
math concepts.

Multiplication- My second favorite.
If you have a gamer in the house than this one will be
a real hit. I like that the games are leveled so that your
child can advance to higher facts and be proud of his or her
accomplishments. You child will also be able to play
against other players live.

In no particular order here are the rest of my links...

Math Playground- Computation, Timed Flash cards,
Thinking blocks printable worksheets and math manipulative's

Apples for the Teacher- Interactive games, Tanagrams,
Movable clock, interactive number charts, measurement
games, money games, number sense games, and much more.

Count Us In- Basic math games. Set up by different
levels of learning.

Gamequarium- Hundreds of math games- basics and

Math-Drills- 6,000 free printable math worksheets

Math Dictionary- Online animated, interactive math
dictionary explaining over 600 concepts.

The Math worksheet- Generate your own math worksheets
to suit your needs.

Let's Play Math- Blog specializing in Math. My favorite
article is this one 22 Things to do with a 100 chart

Grocery store math - Most homeschoolers like to
do their math at the grocery store. Here are tips to
do just that

The school bell- number family tubs

I will update as I find more...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Turtle Power !!!

I think this might just be our last Ocean animal. A sea
turtle. We had a lot of fun learning about Sea animals. I
hope that you enjoyed all of our creative sea animals and activites.
The turtle above was created by printable from
Danielle’s Place. Danielles Place is a wonderful site for good
Christian printables. There is a small fee for using the
site but it is about the price of a magazine you might
purchase for a year subscription. I have used the site
quite often and always recommend it.
This Turtle worksheet also came from the same location. Spirit
and I rolled a die to determine the number of rocks he would put
on this turtle each time. It was fun near the end trying to find
tiny rocks to squeese into his creation.

This turtle is made from our ice breakers container.
I cut out turtle legs and head from construction paper.
Then Spirit used our foam shapes and glued on a shape shell.

Not pictured... I cut from craft foam turtle shapes to 12.
I layed the shapes outside in a hopscotch pattern and
we played hopscotch on our turtle shells.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well I am happy to announce that our deep cleaning week is
at a close. Superboy is still working on a few things but as
far as Mom is concerned it is deep cleaned. I finished up
this afternoon and it felt so good. Typically I keep up a
schedule of work done by activity. I don't work by room.
I like to do all the vacuuming in one day or all the dusting
breaking it into tasks for each day. During my pregnancy
things sort of got away from me as far as good deep down
cleaning. I constantly felt like I was trying to catch up
with my work and that is an overwhelming feeling for me.
With all that is going on in our lives it feels good to
have something go as planned. I am glad to be able to
take this time to get these things done. Now that it is
done I will revise and get back into my task schedule.
Which to me is less painful than trying to get it all done
quickly. Work as you go. Pick up as you go. If you walk
past it you might as well take it with you. Some tasks
are done daily without a schedule like washing off
counters,tables, picking up and sweeping the kitchen floor.
Those aren't included in my weekly schedule. If you
followed me from my old blog this might look familiar
to you.

Here is My cleaning schedule if you'd like to take a look...

Monday- 3 loads of wash, Clean all appliances,
stove, refrigerator and Microwave. (wiping inside
and out) Vacuum carpets, 15 mins. on a project

Tuesday- Wash wash clothes, towels, and bedding's
Dust everything, 15 mins. on a project.

Wednesday- 3 loads of wash, clean sinks, tub and
toilet, Vacuum carpets, 15 mins. on a project

Thursday- Wet mop tile floors, 2 loads of wash
and work on Sunday school lessons, 15 mins on
a project

Friday- 3 loads of wash, Carpets and rugs
15 mins. on a project.

Saturday- School planning, Vacuum as needed.
15 mins. on a project.

Sunday- Family day.

If you are wondering what 15min. projects are
they are things I want done. I make a list
at the beginning of the week. Such as...

Cleaning my desk, organizing a shelf or drawer,
taking inventory of food, making grocery list,
Getting items ready for a yard sale, or seasoning
out the clothing's, washing toys or even washing
curtains. Whatever I see needs completed for that
week. An area that needs notice.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your are Marked With a SEAL..

The Sunshine's through the window. Sweet pea lays
on my bed sound asleep. She wakes with a fuss so
I roll her into my bed in the mornings. She snuggles
closely too me and I watch her breath. What a
miracle each breath is.

I struggle to sit. Always stiff with my recent back incident. When
will the pain subside. I open my bible and begin to read
Ephesians. For he chose us in Him....he is freely given...
In him we were chosen...Having believed, you are marked
in him with a seal. I forget the discomfort and close
my eyes in prayer releasing all to him. Tears well in my
eyes as I sway and lean on God. I am not sure how much
more I can handle. I always hear the congregation
saying God only gives you what you can handle. How
could he possibly think I can handle all of this? Yet
somehow. I open the door and my day begins.

Superboy is walking about and helps me by
sitting with Sweet pea so I can bath. I relax in the
heat I feel my muscles give. After, I will be able to
move again until late in the day when I stop
and the soreness returns. I don't pause to long
since I know baby will soon rise with a fuss.

I sneak into the room and Superboy is relieved. I
sit in the quiet enjoying the moment. I know not
to long from now that quiet will be gone. I ponder all
that is . It swirls around my head... Daddy's heart is
always on my mind. Is it healing or becoming weaker.
Will we have insurance today? Will his job call for him
to work again? Is it Gods will he not work else he leave
us? You know the old adage be careful what you wish for.

Oh that's not all to think about. My mom is to have
surgery but had high blood pressure and couldn't have
it. I just wanted it done and her recovering. The
person who had taken money from us... we are awaiting
our court date. Oh the worst and most recent horror..
My grandson was shaken.. Shaken
by his father. Yet Thankful by the grace of GOD he is
well and smiley. I hold all this in.. I hide it but it
keeps coming back at me and I can hide it no more.

Today I find my health is wavering too at best. My blood pressure
is high despite having taken salt from our diets. I hear
walking 10,000 steps per day. (I have been walking) I hear
take out salt ( I have taken out salt) I hear stress. How
can I take out the stress. God... God takes it for me and
holds it awhile. He holds it so I can go about my day. So
I can smile and watch my children's faces light up in my joy.
That I can play with them and enjoy their little hands
and Fellowship.

I dig into the cleaning in our home. Walls white, Sheets
clean and smelling of spring freshness, eyes twinkle
In shiny tea pots. My mind forgets my body forgets.
With each Rub God takes it..

The day subsides... My pain returns...I
am alone again in a darkened room. I bow my head
to give it all back to him again. To Thank Him for
all he took me through this day. For the Joys and
smiles for it all... All that HE is. His
Holiness, His ability to listen and be my Rock.

and then I hear..

You are Marked in HIM with a Seal. He
knew me before I knew HIM.... He KNEW...

Somehow I will handle it all. Health, School, Planning, Work,
Church, Children, Tragedy.. because I am Chosen
because I believe. No matter how much I am given.
No matter how much I fail or forget. I ask and it is
mine because he KNOWS... HE Certainly KNOWS...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simple Womans Daybook

Today is...June 21th, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

Beautiful Summer Day, Sunny and warm. A good hang the
wash on the line day.

Weekend at a Glance.....

Our weekend was quiet. My mom and dad came and took
the kids for the day on Saturday. (Sweet pea stayed with us)
They worked helping Gram and Pap with yard and house work.
Then were surprised with a kids pool. They had a great time.

Church services and Sunday school were uneventful. The
Pastor Talked about Honoring your Mother and Father.
Our Sunday school lesson was on Samson. I hate to say it
but I didn't learn anything new. I had heard these before.

Health Care....

Still awaiting response from Cobra and SSI.

From the learning rooms...

This week we are all on Summer break but learning always takes
place. We are doing a little homemaking. Really doing a deep cleaning.
Each day this week we are going room by room and making sure
each room is really cleaned up. Today the bulk of the work
was done in our living room. We took curtains down and blinds and
washed them. Windows were windexed. Tomorrow is the school room.
While all this is going on .Heart has been working in the kitchen.
This is the biggest job. By noon we stop have lunch and work on
other projects. This way the children don't get so frustrated. They
Spent the afternoon outside playing in water and running around
the yard. My hope is to have the downstairs completed by Tuesday.

From our kitchen...
Monday- leftovers
Tuesday- Trout, corn and dill potatoes
Wednesday- Salads and Sandwiches
Thursday- Fruit and pasta
Friday- Roast beef, potatoes and peas
Weekend sandwiches, fruit, salads, leftovers.

I am wearing...
black shorts and olive green shirt

I am creating...
A clean house..

I am hearing....
Baby beginning to fuss . I think she is hungry.

Favorite things.....
My washing machine. The curtains are getting
so white and clean.

I am Thankful for..
- Our summer Revival bible study
Please pray this week for our hearts as they
Strive for humility.

- Help from children for a clean home.

-The medical insurance we do have for our

-Mechanic who will look at our Van this week
For inspection.

-Stories and snuggles

-Catching lightning bugs and letting them go.

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator

Our financial situation is worse. Praying our
situation to elevate soon.

Our van is going in for inspection. Praying it needs
nothing as that is all we can afford.

Praying for Work

For a family member..
Praying his life goes in a better
direction. (Update Family member is at
a halfway house now. Hoping for some
sort of recovery for him)

For our church attendance has been waivering
and will get worse over the summer months. For
Some reason people forget God when the weather
gets warm.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday-Deep cleaning all week.
Tuesday- More cleaning and grocery shopping
Wednesday- Dr. appointment and Heart taking her written
drivers test.
Thursday- Van goes to garage for inspection
Friday-More cleaning if not completed
Saturday- Free day
Sunday- Sunday services,Maybe family reunion
not sure yet if attending.

Photo I'd Like to share.....
Sweet Pea and my Grandson.
Aunt and Nephew
(Sweet pea is older by 2 Months even though she
look smaller in the picture.)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's a shARK ATTACK!!!!

We have dived into the sea and come up unscathed..
Until... The SHARKS!! This ocean Theme has been
so much fun. Spirit hasn't been ready to learn lots
of facts about a particular topic but it has enjoyable
for him to know that these types of animals exist
and to be able to name them by their names. We
read simple stories about these ocean creatures and
play with them. That is enough. In fact, I just thought
of the shark we have sitting in a bucket outside. I
purchased grow your own shark at the dollar store.
Spirit enjoyed playing with him in the bucket on some
of the hot days we have had along with his sea
animals that squirt water. (also bought at the dollar

I tried to find a craft for each one. So that
when he is done he has a container of sea
animals to play with till they fall apart. The one
below is made from a spoon. I wish I was so creative
but I found the idea at Activity Village. One suggestion
is to hot glue some of the pieces. In particular the mouth
to the bottom of the spoon and the fin. The rest can
be glued together with elmers glue. Including the inside
of the mouth and teeth. Just any parts connecting to
the spoon have mom use hot glue. I used a rubber
band to hold the mouth until it was completely dry but
that may have been more of a problem for us because
we tried elmers first. Superboy enjoyed this activity as well.

This Shark game is mine. I found the shark pattern in one
of my old mailbox magazines. You can use any shark pattern
or coloring page that you can find. You child can color it if he
or she likes. When organizing my craft supplies I found a few
sequin fish. Spirit enjoyed rolling a dice and then feeding that
many fish to the shark.

I was really surprised that Spirit could master this maze but master
He did. He wanted to do it again so we pulled out different color
pens for him to use. I found this fun maze and lots of other
activities on Sharks at
Kid Zone . You will find a coloring
page for your shark math there too.

Friday, June 18, 2010

PreSchool Planning

preschool corner

I like Jolanthe am beginning to plan for the fall season.
I am in the very preliminary stages of planning. In fact
we are still working on our Ocean unit for this year.
Taking our time and enjoying each other. I have
a few ideas saved on my computer at this time. When
something great comes my way I bookmark it or copy it
to files for later veiwing. Before I use any of these saved
items I want to take the time to Pray. God knows what He
wants from us. He knows what my child needs for the
the coming year before he begins Kindergarten. I can barely
believe I am saying those words. (Kindergarten) Wait though
I don't want to rush him. He has still one year. I have to
think of my older children as well. One who has one more
year before high school begins, one struggling with reading.
So much to think about along with a little baby
to take care of, she will be 1 in August. All 7 of
them have their own needs. Even the ones that don't
live at home.

God knows our needs before we ask for them.
It is difficult to know if we are making the right choices.
Yet the choice to school your child at home is valuable.
Pray and wait for your answers. Take time to find what
is of importance to you and your family. I have been
doing just that and some random thoughts have come
my way. In no particular order here are some skills I
hope to help Spirit to master in the fall and below
each a few ideas to help with that. Some may be to
large of a leap and will be used through Kindergarten
if nessessary. Some will continues through life such as..

- Helping to foster God in his Heart
Prayer, Reading and enacting bible stories,
memorizing simple bible verses.

- Counting to 100
-Recognizing teens and beyond
Calendar activities, 100 day of school count
downs, party to celebrate, Games to enforce

-learning the sounds of the letters
-writing letters and his name
-matching upper and lower case
Use of themes and stories incoorporate the above
into each. Rich in literacy.

-Beginning site word recognizion (After winter break)
highlighting them in stories, playing games

-reading and enjoying rhymes
Nursery rhyme journals

-Cutting skills

Possible theme ideas-
Eric Carle, Nature studies- Birds, bees, pond life
Farm animals, the process of milking,
Visit dairy farm, Reptiles, Space, Dinosaurs
Transportation and end with a fun
Circus theme. These are only a few many more
will pop up as I go I am sure. To be honest the
transportation idea is more for fun since I think
Spirit knows more than I do about the trucks and
how they work . This is just a beginning. It may
change drastically as I go. It may form all on
it's own to Gods plan for my child. Much of it
will be learned through play and he won't even
know he is learning. That is the great thing
about preschool.

These are the ideas in my files. I know many more
will open as time goes. Gods plan will unfold.
I will not try to do this alone. God is with me.

If you'd like to take a peek at our ocean theme click
The link on my side bar under preschool. Still have
a few to add. Sharks Tommorrow and Sea turtles.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ending our School year

School has just about ended for us. We are wrapping up a few
things and then we will go to a light school schedule.
At first I thought it was best if we just took an all out
break but I can see that the learning never stops so,
no matter we will learn as we go. I have a few projects
I plan to post for you. If you are wondering what you might
find on our blog this summer. Here are a few things
we have in store for us and our children.

We like to take advantage of all the free resources
in our area. Regal Cinema has free movies on Tuesdays
and Wed. We do not attend them all but it's nice on a
hot day to make a trip to the movie theatre.
If you'd like to see if there are movies in your area
for free you can find out by clicking here....
Free Family Movies

Our local library is making a Splash into Reading.
We started counting our reading minutes on
Monday. We will be attending some fun activities
such as Water games on the library lawn, Traveling
reptiles, Steppin Woofs and lots of story time.
If my children read 800 minutes they will get free passes
to our local pool, free passes to a baseball game,
and a special set sail story time and party.
Check your local library to see what great adventures
they have in store for you.

Our library and our local county parks have gone
together to create a workbook for children to find
letterboxes. So to get out and about we will be
participating in our state parks letter box hunt.
If your library doesn't do this you can find letter
boxes on your own at Letterboxing or GeoCaching.

We will also participate in Harp in the Park
which is taught by a local women on how
to play the Autoharp. She does this on wed.
at the park and we hope to join in a few again
this year but not sure just yet. When I asked the
kids about it they all didn't seem excited .
I may take the excited ones.

I am also excited to be taking Superboy to a
Comics club. I think he will enjoy drawing and
creating his own comics. This is put on by our
local homeschool association.

In July we will be attending our Church's VBS.
This year the theme is Galactic Blast. Heart
and I are in charge of music . I am pretty
excited about being in charge of something new.
Typically I have the preschoolers in some form or other.
Check out Cokesbury website to learn more if your
church is interested in putting on this VBS.

Our family will also go to Ocean City Maryland.
It is a tradition that we have been unable to partake
in the last few years. We go with my Mom and Dad
and stay in an apartment together. My brother and
his family will be coming too. It should be a fun
relaxing time.

We have some playground days scheduled, picnics,
family reunions, dr. appointments (yuck), a church
lock-in, and sometime for myself a summer
bible study. From the study Seeking Him
By DeMoss and Grissom. I hope to post more
On this study. I am really getting a lot out of it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's a Whale of a Tale

What a Whale of a Tale... Spirit and I went
to the library and brought home lots of stories with
whales in them. We learned together about the many
different kids of whales, how they eat and how they
swim. Spirit really enjoyed learning about the whale. I
pulled out our beginner bible stories book and read the
story of Jonah and the whale, as I closed the book Spirit
says but Mommy, there are more stories to read. I was
going to begin reading stories from this bible book in the
fall but maybe we will begin now. No time like the present.

I gave Spirit a huge piece of whte paper to paint a blue
ocean on. He spent quite a while swirling and making his
sea. I also had precut whales that we colored to match our
favorite whales in our whale book. I did one along with Spirit
and he wanted glue both in his Sea.

This is a great dollar store craft... I paid $1 for a stack
of white cups, $1 for a package of pipe cleaners, $1. for
the colored beads, $1 for the wiggle eyes and less than
a $1 for the craft foam. Everything was bought at the dollar
store except the foam. I found the idea here ...Whale Craft

For a little ocean ABC practice I wrote the ABCs inside
of seashells. Spirit tosses a little pipe cleaner rolled into
a ball into the shells. Then he names the letter and letter sounds.
He played with this till all the letters were named.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Welcome to Simple Womens Daybook. For some reason
my photos won't load today but we can still do the daybook.

Today is...June 14th, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

Sunny hot and muggy all day but right now there
are gray clouds in the sky as if a storm is approaching.

Weekend at a Glance.....

The entire week last week was a blur. It was spent
working on lawn mowers, attending a funeral and
trying to figure out medical insurance. I'm not even
sure where the week began and the weekend ended.

Health Care....

No new update on the medical insurance. The
Dr. did give us a card that gave us a discount
on Dads perscriptions. Which was great for us.
We were able to get all that needed filled for only
10 dollars more than with our insurance. There is
still one that will need filled in two weeks. Hopefully
that won't be to bad either. We are working on
getting Cobra and or SSI.

From the learning rooms...


Literature- Working on an animal report
History- Women In Politics

Math- decimals
Literature- Reading Aladdin
History- Inventors
Science- Rock Hound

Ocean unit study and ABC review.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.
Tuesday- Leftovers
Wednesday- Chip beef gravy, sausage and eggs
Thursday- Left overs
Friday- Ham, mashed potatoes and corn
Weekend sandwiches, fruit, salads, leftovers.

I am wearing...
Blue shorts and pink T-shirt

I am creating...
Nothing at the moment.

I am hearing....
Kids show on TV. Dinner is almost ready
Daddy is grilling for us.

Favorite things.....
Deep blue paint

I am Thankful for..
- Our summer Revivial bible study
Please pray this week for our hearts as they
Strive for humility.

- Help with Groceries from Princess

-reading Bible stories with Spirit

- ending our school lessons this week

- Joining the summer reading club
and free movies at Regal

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator

Our financial situation is worse. I will
now look for part time work. Praying our
situation eleveates soon.

For a family member..
Praying his life goes in a better

For our church attendance has been waivering
and will get worse over the summer months. For
Some reason people forget God when the weather
gets warm.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Grocery shopping, school, bible study
Tuesday- School, Movie at Regal
Wednesday- School, Library story time and
Harp in the park
Thursday- School
Friday-Summer break begins
Saturday- Free day
Sunday- Sunday services,Fathers day
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Family Photos...

Well here they all are my happy five at Hearts Graduation. I
had to laugh because we all dressed in blue but Sweet pea and
it wasn't intentional, at least not thoughtfully. I know
this was Hearts big day but when I saw this photo I
instantly thought Wow Princess is growing up so fast.
She is becoming such a beautiful girl even though she doesn't
always realize it or have that sense of self yet.

This one of Heart and I is bitter sweet. At this point the pain
was pointed. Today I am still struggling with it. It is a dull
tingling pain now. More needling than anything. I still don't
trust carrying Sweet pea around and often ask the children
to pick her up to put her where I want her.

Then there is Sweet pea with those big blue eyes.
So vibrant. Playing shy and innocent. She is
such a sweet little girl. I am not sure who in
our family she looks like. The boys have blue
eyes too. (Daddys are hazel and mine are brown) but
Sweet peas are ohhh sooo blue. Her hair is so light in color
too . Daddy and I both have darker hair. It is always
possibly it will darken over time.

I think she may just break some hearts someday.
Maybe a little in the face like my neice..What do
you think Brother dear? This picture in particular
I think......

Monday, June 7, 2010

Simple Womens daybook

Today is...June 7, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

It is sunny and cool. Finally like a June day. Not so
hot and not so cold. Just like I like it. A great day
for walking ... If I could.

Weekend at a Glance.....

A flourish of Graduation activities and back pain.

Health Care....

Well ... It has happened. Daddy lost his healthcare
from being on unemployment so long. The children still
have something. Which is Good news and I still have
insurance. Daddy though almost needs it more than the
rest of us. Sooo our next step is Social Security because
of disablity. His needs are so great that it is hard for
him to find work or keep it. If he gets disability than
we can apply for a medical card. Right now we have
nothing which means all 7 meds will come directly
out of our pockets or not at all and not at all is very
scary. I pray for something to give and fast.

From the learning rooms...


Math- Stopping Math for the summer.
Literature- Working on an animal report
History- Women In Politics
Science- Stopping Science for the summer.

Math- decimals
Literature- Reading Aladdin
History- Inventors
Science- Rock Hound

Ocean unit study and ABC review.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.
Tuesday- chicken corn soup
Wednesday- Eating with family after the funeral
Thursday- Roast beef, potatoes and broccoli
Friday- Fish, peas and pasta
Weekend sandwiches, fruit, salads, leftovers.

I am wearing...
Blue capris and pink T-shirt

I am creating...
Nothing at the moment. To much in pain to do
much but rest.

I am hearing....
Daddy playing Rollor coaster Tycoon on the
other pc. Otherwise quiet kids are in bed.

Favorite things.....
Heating pads

I am Thankful for..
- Our summer Revivial bible study
-Air conditioners
- Sweet Peas big blue eyes
-Groceries bought
- Sleepy children

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator

Our financial situation seems to be getting
worse instead of better but we still somehow manage
to make it. Even more of our finances will drop after
June making things even harder if Daddy's work doesn't
call soon. ( We have also now lost medical insurance)

Heart as she finishes out her Senior year and then decides
what is next.

My own Revival in Christ

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Grocery shopping, school
Tuesday- School, Viewing
Wednesday- School, Funeral
Thursday- School
Friday-School, Chess Park day
Saturday- Free day
Sunday- Sunday services, Graduation recognition

Photo I'd like to share...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hearts Graduation 2010

Well Graduation was finally here and went by so quickly.
Over the years I have gotten to know so many of the young
men and women that my daughter graduated with and
there were 6 cousins that graduated along with her too.
If you read my last post you know that I had back pain.
That back pain flared up even more the next day and
then began to subside a bit. I put in to my pastor for
special prayers during graduation so that I could see my
child. Somehow those prayers were answered. I
only felt a dull ache most of the time. The next day
and today is another story. The odd thing was in the
morning before graduation I had such pain that I cried
for fear I was going to miss the entire thing. I even called
the school hoping for some accommodations. I wanted to
bring a chair and sit beside the bleachers but they said
all had to be in the bleachers. Painstakingly I went
and bathed to get ready. As I did though the major part
of the pain just went. It was so amazing and just
proves Gods grace. Graduation was very interesting
to say the least. Not just for my child but what we
had to go though to see it.

Let me begin our story...
The photo below is obviously not graduation but
I saw it in hearts photos and had to share it. This was
on their Senior trip to Inner Harbor in Baltimore Maryland.
These are two of her closest friends. In such a small
town like ours it is really special to grow and change
with a friend and stay friends. The great thing about
these boys is that they are really sweet guys. Their
values are in the right place and they strive to do
their best while encouraging one another.

Before Graduation Heart received her big gift which was
a rather elaborate Camera. Which was exactly
what she wanted. She was so excited. Thanks
to the gift giver. Most of the photos today are from
said camera. I think I like hers now more than mine.

Getting to graduation was a huge deal. I couldn't
drive because of pain medication. My mom and dad
had to come and get Heart. Then they had to come
back and get the rest of us. Since we all don't fit
in the van together. Right before graduation we got a
phone call that uncle Buzz passed away. He had had
a heart condition just like our daddies. He had a heart attack
while driving . Princess stood on the side walk and cried
and cried. Still we went on. It would be the kids Great uncle.
In the coming days we will say goodbye to a fun
loving man. God be with you Buzz.

The schools parking near the
stadium is ridiculous. You have to park at the
Middle school or elementary and be bused to the location.
Since my back was out the school allowed us to drive
behind the bleachers to park. I was able to walk with
my grandpas cane to the stands. The thought occurred to me
that Grandpa was watching and still helping with his
cane. We were so very lucky to find a seat in the front
so that I didn't have to walk up any stairs.
This was the first graduation in our new
Paper makers stadium but the clouds were luminous
around us. I was trying to figure out why we were
outside and not in. Wondering who made that decision.

The graduating class was sitting in an odd formation.
We were so excited to see them. The Alma mater was
sung. I heard a few elderly people singing along but
apparently someone forgot to teach it to many classes
because no one else seemed to know it. Including
myself who also graduated from Spring Grove high in 91.

Hearts dearest Friend "W" gave a special speech that brought
tears to my eyes. He is the boy in the middle of the
crab photo above. I had to really focus because the
crowd was rather rude. People were constantly moving
around, getting up and walking. One family actually
stood in front of me and made introductions. Children
banged their feet along the metal bleachers with parents

grinning at them. Some were kind and took off their shoes
to walk down quietly to use the restroom. Ok one lady.
Someone else seemed to drop a bag of candy that clinked
down the bleachers. Despite that "W's" Speech was amazing.
He talked about change. How much they all changed form freshmen
to now . What they had learned about themselves and people
and friends and who they were to become. As a side note
while all this is going on the thunder on occasion is booming
in the distance... (I am sure you know what is coming)

My Heart stood and sang Wonderful world. Sweet pea
was so mesmerized as usual by the chorus singing. She
sits perfectly still and gazes as if in a trance and then
It happened. The booming got louder and louder. I yelled
to Hearts boyfriend to cover the camera as he was taking
photos for me. Superboy leans over and says mom we
need to get off these bleachers were sitting on metal.
Smart kids. We began to leave our seats just as a fight
broke out. Boys behind us got in an altercation. A father
grabbed one of the boys and told him to disperse. We
moved as quickly as we could. The last time I was a
witness to a fight on bleachers a young man fell down
The bleachers at my feet. It was mass hysteria as everyone
tried to leave the stadium and get to the gym. Which
if you know Spring Grove this is no small feat. Up
a huge hill to the school. I took grandpas cane and
hobbled to the car as fast as could be but with everyone
running madly to cars and to the school we weren't
moving. Eventually we go up to the school and my
dad dropped me out , mom and the kids.

Now previously if you had a child graduating you got
6 tickets if the event was inside. The administration
for whatever reason decided to cram everyone in the gym.
Some sat on bleachers, some stood, some stood on the
walking track above they gym. Most of us got in but my
family could not find a place to be with a small baby. So
they had to go in the auditorium. Which I didn't think was
fair. I choose to see my child upfront and stand with my
cane. Eventually someone took pity on me and gave me
a chair to sit on along with many of the handicap in wheel
chairs or pregnant women. Then others proceeded to
stand in front of those people.

I sat listening intently until we were near Hearts last
name and stood up to see her get her diploma. I cried
I seriously did. All our hard work. All those days studying
together. All the trials and joys. My girl was growing up.
Children begin to Silly string the crowds and eventually
the beach balls were flying. It was a wild graduation.

Despite all the trials for our family to see her
get her diploma. I was joyous and so proud of
my girl. She fought the system so hard creating Prayer
groups in the school and standing up for what she
believes more time than I can count. Fighting with administration
to be able to bring and read her bible to school. Fighting still for
friends who need it. Working so hard with As and an occasional
B. Always so good and loving.

Congratulations 2010

My girl and her dear friend W. Finished at last.

(I have many more photos to share but I need to go
rest my back now. )

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Life

There is my memorial day baby. Isn't she so sweet in her
patriotic outfit. She is 9 months old . Today I come
to you in pain. Yesterday I made the mistake of rough
housing with the boys. Spirit thought it would be fun to
jump on mommies back. Then Superboy tried. Now I was ok
with Spirit he is 35 lbs soaking wet but Superboy .... Yikes.
He literally brought tears to my eyes. I know he didn't mean
to hurt me that way. This morning all felt fine. I went
grocery shopping. When I came home I sat the baby seat
down with Sweet pea in it and wham it shot right
up in there. Now I can barely move. I enlisted the
children to do my chores for me and Superboy has this
so sad face every time I look at him. I keep saying its ok
honey. What he doesn't realize is that I always have
trouble with that side of my back. It is always a weak
spot that the older I get the worse it behaves. I suppose
both of us learned a lesson. I am getting to old
to rough house and Superboy has to learn his own
strength. Which is something boys sometimes have
trouble with.

Even though I have this back pain there is a smile on
my face. I feel good inside. God is so good. He knows what is
to come and when and the reason for it. Princess has
jumped into place and can handle everything. Superboy is
a close second. They are proud of all they know how to do
as far as caring for our home. At the moment Princess
is washing dishes, Spirit is playing outside, Superboy is
watching TV, Sweet pea is dozing off to sleep and Daddy
is painting our porch. Everyone busy and Mommy sitting. Its
odd to me really. To sit still.

I am anxious to start our summer vacation but still working
on a few lessons. The children seem ok with this schedule.
They have plenty of time to be outside and yet complete
their task for the day. It is easy to fill our days with books
when it is cold or rainy . When that sun is shining we all
want to go outside and feel the warmth on our faces
and the grass in our toes.

Heart has been running around to all sorts of Graduation
Parties. This photo is of her and her cousin at a recent
pool party. Today heart is on her Senior trip, Tomorrow is
commencement practice and then Friday is our big day.
I pray I will be able to hobble to the ceremony.

Look for our Whale Activities later this week.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is...June 1, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

The weather seems to go from sunny to rainy almost
all in one breath. Yesterday the sun came out and then
it rained. It was very odd. It seems we are getting rain
every day or at least every other.

Weekend at a Glance.....

This weekend was picnic weekend. We went to a huge
picnic that my aunt helps hold. The menu is soo huge.
Grilled trout, fried turkey, grilled beef, beef barbque and
many many sides and goodies. We sit in lawn chairs and relax.
This year there was even a DJ. I can think of no
better way to start the summer than relaxing in my lawn
chair. Next time, remind me to bring the play pen.
Sweet pea was so wiggly. We brought a blanket for her
to sit on. She wouldn't go off because she didn't like the
feel of the grass but she would pick things up from
the side and try to eat them. The boys were in heaven.
Playing yard games, swords and squirting water guns
at the girls. It was a nice time and was't terribly hot.

Yesterday we had a picnic here at our house. It was
just our family rather low key. We ended up eating
inside since the weather couldn't decide if it wanted
to shine or rain.

Health Care....

If you caught it last week. Dad had another Dr.
appointment. Now his restrictions are lifted to 75lbs.
Work told him that, they still don't have work. They
are awaiting the school orders. Once they come in
he will be called. We are thinking about going to a temp
agency for work until his regular job has something
for him. You never know he may even find the job he
needs with less physical activity. We are not sure
what we want to do yet. We dont want to jeopordize
the job he has but we also need something to happen
and very soon.

From the learning rooms...


Math- Reviewing
Literature- Reading poetry
History- Women In Politics
Science- Energy

Math- decimals
Literature- Reading Aladdin
History- Inventors
Science- Rock Hound

Ocean unit study and ABC review.
We are taking this last unit pretty slowly.
If Spirit wants to do some school we are doing
it and if not we let it go for the day. When its
nice out I'd rather is was out exploring and playing.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Grilled chicken, potatoes,and peas
Beyond that I am not sure. We do have a freezer
full of things. No worry there but just don't have a
plan for this week.

I am wearing...
Green capris and black Tank top

I am creating...
an organized desk

I am hearing....
Animal Planet on TV
Daddy kissing Sweet pea
Boys talking in the kitchen
Footsteps upstairs and
Heart doing the dishes

Favorite things.....
Klondike bars

I am Thankful for..
-Calm summer days ahead
-Graduation this week and all that it entails
-A clean house, we all worked yesterday in the
morning and had the basics done before none.
-The warm sun on my face
-The long walks we were able to take last month.
I think we will continue this month too. We
missed some because of rain.

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator

Our financial situation seems to be getting
worse instead of better but we still somehow manage
to make it. Even more of our finances will drop after
June making things even harder if Daddy's work doesn't
call soon.

Two friends who had corporal tunnel surgery

Heart as she finishes out her Senior year and then decides
what is next.

My own Revival in Christ

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Picnic at home
Tuesday- School, VBS Meeting
Wednesday- School, Hearts Sr. trip
Thursday- School,Commencement practice
Friday-School , Hearts Graduation
Saturday- Free day
Sunday- Sunday services, Youth pool party

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Rejoice in the Lord Always.