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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Walking Challenge Week 1

We have begun our first week of our Family walking Challenge.
The children ask daily " Mom are we walking today" I really
think that they are enjoying these walks together. One day
they walked on the railroad tracks which if you ask me is harder
than walking on the trails. We also have been walking more
than our minutes on our calendar sheet. We have found it
is easier to walk to the same location daily and move
farther along the trail when the minutes go up. The children
constantly pressure me to walk farther but I know that the
distance in one direction isn't a problem for them . Its when
we have to return.

Here they all are resting on the bridge. Our walking has turned
into nature hikes at times. As you can see Superboy holding his rock.
One day Spirit kept picking up rocks that by the time we returned
home he was dropping them he had so many. If you know
my boys it would not surprise you to know that they intend to
paint these rocks.

Sweet pea is enjoying the walks as well. She loves going outdoors
and taking it all in. A few times she has fallen asleep from the
bouncing of her stroller. The fresh air is doing her good.
She is often sleep all night or even sleeping in like this morning
till 8. Her typical is 5 am wake up call.

My goal for us doing this walking is for our health but also
for tradition. When I was little we would always go
to the beach and with that trip meant a walk down the
boardwalk from one end to the other. It has been a long
time since I have seen each end. I am hoping to make that
trek to the end and ride the tram back. Just like we did
when we were little. I just have to keep walking.


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