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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Travel Kit

Going on vacation is a relaxing time for our family.
It is a time for us to spend quiet moments together.
However, when you put five children in a car together
for an extended period of time it can be anything but
quiet. Over the years I have come up with some ideas to
keep the children busy. Having a snack is always
good and playing car game keeps them busy for
a little while. I struggle with finding ways to keep
them busy and happy. I certainly don’t want a struggle
on our vacation. I want it to be an enjoyable time
that we all remember. I don't want anything that takes
a long time to prepare either, since packing for
the entire family is quite time consuming as it is.
Over the years we have created a sort of game
travel box. The children seem to look forward to playing
the games inside. In fact we are headng out to the
OC this year and the first things Princess said is we
have to bring the travel box.

I think I may have found our families newest tradition
in the form of Travel kits or add to are already
formed travel box. The concept behind the travel kits
is for the child/family member to unwrap a special
something every once in awhile during the long
car ride. The travel kit E-book is filled with ideas for
you to fill your kit to meet your family’s needs.
As I read through all of the ideas more ideas sparked
in my mind having to do with my children. Their likes,
dislikes and interests. After reading the E-book I have been
searching for ideas. My oldest son is always full of humor.
He loves to tell jokes and be silly. At the grocery store
I found in the twenty five cent machine play sticky
mustaches. I bought two of them to put in our travel kit
along with a joke book. This should keep the boys busy
for hours and promote reading. This year it maybe
just as fun getting ready for our vacation as it is having
the vacation because giving gifts and making the children
smile are always fun for me. I have been thinking it might
be fun to add some of the items we already need to
purchase for my teens gifts. Like suntan lotion or a beach
towel. The ideas are limitless it all depends on how much
you are willing to spend and your own creativity.

If you'd like to learn more about the Travel kit the
ebook is 12.95 at The Old Schoolhouse Store. The only
downside that I can think of when using the travel kits
is what to do on the way home.....

PS Come back in July to see our Travel kits!!


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