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Monday, May 10, 2010

Simple Womans Daybook

Today is...May 10, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

It is a cool crisp day out there. The kids are to
play kickball outdoors with their co-op but not sure
if they will do that or not today. Probably to chilly for
me to take Sweet pea out for very long. Over the weekend
we had some enormous winds.

Weekend at a Glance.....

We spent the weekend running and running.
Heart had Prom on Saturday. We had her hair to do.
Then she invited friends over for photos before and an
after party after at my moms house. I had errands to run
and Superboy spent the night at his friends house making
it his first sleepover. He came home exhausted and slept
most of mothers day. In fact we were all fairly tired from
the days running around. We did make it to church and
Daddy made me a really nice dinner for moms day. The
children and daddy gave me adorable cards. Then we spent
the rest of the day watching movies dozing off now and then.
Spirit and I snuggled on the floor for a long time before
Sweet pea noticed and joined in. Ohh the giggles.

Health Care....

We are still sticking to our walking plan. It has
been a little difficult with the weather as it is but
if we can't go out and walk we dance around to some music
or exercise to a workout DVD. The kids love it. They beg to go
walking. Spirit always wants to ride his bike but I ask he
walks with us. He would be outside every second from the
time he opens his eyes till they shut. I have to force him in
to use the bathroom and to eat lunch and dinner. He plays
in his sand, rides his bike and bulldozes trucks around the
yard. He is so different than Superboy. Superboy would
be happy to daydream all day and draw pictures.

From the learning rooms...

We are winding down for the year. I am excited
about our summer break. My kids just need to be kids.
I can't wait to give that to them. Princess' work has been
so hard for her this year. She will really like the break.
Of Course we are always learning.

Math- Finding Area, Perimeter, surface etc...
Literature- Learning to write a Literary paper
History- Finishing the Roaring 20's (This was
a fun unit to do. ) I think I enjoyed it as well.
Science- Rock hound

Math- Writing decimals
Literature- Reading Stories such as William Tell
History- Inventors
Science- Rock Hound - We are creating crystals
and learning all about them.

Ocean unit study. We will be heading
there this summer so I thought this would
be interesting to him as our trip is all he
talks about even though he has no idea what it
is like there. I can hardly wait to show him.

From our kitchen...
Monday- left overs
Tuesday- Pot Roast
Wednesday- Chip beef gravey and potatoes
Thursday- hamburgers and french fries
Friday- Salads
Weekend Whatever inspires us.

I am wearing...
Black jeans and purple shirt. I dug out my fuzzy
slippers my feet are freezing today.

I am creating...
A special gift for graduation

I am hearing....
Sewing maching roaring. The children are creating
bags in co-op. They need to do a little work at home.
Sweet pea is cooing and playing with toys.

Favorite things.....
These adorable bird feeders my mom found at a
yard sale this weekend. The man was going out of
business and they are so neat. I can't wait to decorate
with it.

I am Thankful for..

warm slippers
full bellies
laundry on the washline
bottles of glue and crayons laying all around
stack of library books on sea animals
goldfish crackers in rainbow colors
loving mothers day cards

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator.

Our financial situation seems to be getting

worse instead of better but we still somehow manage
to make it. Even more of our finances will drop after
June making things even harder if Daddys work doesn't
call soon.

Two friends who had corporal tunnel surgery

Heart as she finishs out her Senior year and then decides
what is next.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School, Co-op, Conference call
Tuesday- School, Superboys testing
Wednesday- School, Planning and preparing for
graduation party
Thursday- School, Cubscouts ,
Friday-School , Hearts graduation party
Saturday- Mother -daughter banquet at our church
Sunday- Church, Path youth.

Here is a photo I'd like to share...


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