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Friday, May 28, 2010

One Driver and a Semi Clean school room

Look Out!! Guess who whats to be on the road..?
Heart is working through the process to be a driver.

Wed. was her last day of school. Thursday we were
off to get her physical to go take the written test.
Once we get through graduation we will take time to
finally get that permit. I feel sort of bad that I seemed
to let the ball drop so to speak in Hearts corner.
Graduation just leaped up at me and I don't have her
prepared in the manor I would have liked. It's almost
a good thing Heart is such a laid back person. She
doesn't mind working through all of this now. This
Upcoming year our plan is to get that drivers license.
Find her a car and put insurance on it, set up her own
bank account, visit colleges, find a second job, and
begin to attend classes hopefully by spring. I suppose
Sweet pea had a lot to do with my lack of time reality.
An understanding daughter is a huge bonus.

Today the kids went with Gram and Great Grandma shopping.
Their first stop was the Orchard . They stopped a bit
ago to drop off goodies. Spirit apparently shopped with
Grams wallet. He came with 3 apples, popcorn and
peanut butter pretzels. Actually each of the children had
a goodie bag but Spirits Apples made me smile. Then
they took off again to shop for swimsuits with the
anticipated pool openings. I stayed home and worked
on our school room. The children managed to get
some work in early this morning so they could spend
time with their grandmas. I have a stack here to grade
yet but I cleaned and cleaned. I just couldn't wait
for the school year to end. It had gotten that bad.
I also had to rearrange because Sweet pea seems to
be getting into everything lately. It was time to move
a few things around to make room for a play pen.
I don't use these often but they come in handy
when mom needs to do something baby can't do.
I also set aside school items we rarely use for the attic.
It saves space in our small school area. I took inventory
so I know what is up there.Honestly most I sent
up we haven't touched in at least a year. Might be time
to sell some of it. I didn't complete the entire room
but the shelves are clean and Superboys desk.
I am sure you are wondering why I cleaned his desk.
Well, I did because I wanted to set up the workbox
system for him as well and had a plan for his desk.
It looks great. I am hoping this will help him
organize himself until he is ready to do it himself.
I also was able to clean all our shelves. It amazes
me how much paper I have to throw out each year.
I still need to work on my desk and the art cabinet
but that will come as the year ends. Plus planning
for next year. For today that was enough and
Sweet pea is ready for some attention.

Hope your day was just as productive.
It feels good.



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