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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We have begun our unit on the Ocean.. We spent
some time online looking at different photos of our first animal
the Octopus . It was neat to see some of the colors of the Octopus.
Below Spirit Created his own with an egg carton cup, craft foam,
Pony beads, wiggle eyes and cereal. I personally like the
cereal the best. They clearly represent the suctions. For
Spirit I precut the craft foam into stripes and hot glued
them to the egg carton. We created a few.

Painting his hand and not his thumbs we created a painting of
the Octopus. Spirit added eyes, foam shape sea animals and the
pen is the ocean. I tried to get him to use his crayons but he
seems to be into using pen lately.

Number Practice using this poster I drew freehand and bean bags.
They boys played with this for sometime. Trying to land their
bean bags on the higher numbers.

Our favorite and the big hit for all was the Octopus snack.
Pour Kool aide into a plastic cup. Hang over the edge 8
gummy worms. Try to stay away from the sour ones. They
get mush in the kool aid and make you ice sour too. Unless
you really like sour. We talked about bringing the things to
make this when we actually go to the Ocean.


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