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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mexico Expedition

Take a peek at Mexico Exhibition, part of the
Download and Go series. This e-book came at the right
time for me. I was in preparations of planning our upcoming
year. The thought came to mind after our US history lessons
to jump into visiting different countries. It looks like the
plans for Mexico will already be just about complete. That
is what I love most about the download and go series. I like
that the work is taken from me. Everything is together in an
e-book. All you have to do is create your library book list,
gather your supply list and buy some printer ink. Then
you are ready to delve into a new country. The lapbook
is easy to prepare and goes along directly with the e-book
portion. Each section is set up to learn a little about Mexico.
You will view videos that correlate with the lesson and
then complete questions that go along with that. Your
Exhibition to Mexico is a weeklong unit. Each day you
will visit a special geographic feature. I was a little
disappointed in the lack of hands on activities in this
particular lesson. In past Download and Go’s I was excited
about the number of hands on activities that were linked to,
to create. There are a few fun things to do such as recipes
from Mexico, building a pyramid, coloring pages and
creating some Mexican flowers. My children are very into
the craft part of learning and would enjoy more project
type ideas. However I do think this e-book is worth taking
a look at. Majority of your research is done for you and
the lapbook is a great hands on way to learn.

If you would like to take a pretend trip to Mexico
you can purchase the dowload and go Mexico Expedition
at The Old schoolhouse Store for 7.95


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