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Thursday, May 13, 2010


(Through this post I will share prom photos... From right to
Left a Girl my daughter grew up with. They have played
together since they were in kindergarten. The boy next to
her is a boy I used to watch in our church nursery. Heart
and him have known one another since babies. Hearts boyfriend
and my girl Heart.)

Well, I'd like to say I am organized this week and that all is
flowing but honestly I'm not so organized and its not so flowing.
The kids are still getting their school work finished using
my charts and their workboxes. I however have been fairly
absent. It is interesting to see them still go about their
day. Turning in the work and following the school rules.

(The girls)

Monday we had co-op activities, nearing the end of the year
we had lots of gym time. Then I wasn't feeling well and
yesterday I was shopping and planning for a graduation
party for some of the youth at our church. Not really a youth
event but wanted to celebrate with them. Some of the
youth that are graduating this year I had in the nursery
when they were babies. This year will commemorate the first
of the first. Wow do I feel old.

(Friends always)

This graduation will also
include my baby who will be 18 in August. I still remember
her and I spending time together when she was little.
Our favorite times were sitting by the little plastic pool
watching her slide down the slide. I would sit and paint
little pictures on her , like you would at a face paint. Little
rainbows on her leg, ladybugs on her arms, and tiny flowers
all over. Then she would slide into the water and play,
all would be washed away. She'd dry and beg for me to do
it again and again. Our world seemed to revolve around art.
At one point in time she drew with markers on her wall.
A bright big Rainbow with her name on it. She was so
proud of it grinning from ear to ear. How could I yell or
fuss when she seemed so happy and proud of her work.
Eventually we washed it off and talked about using paper
so we could save it next time and post it somewhere
on the refrigerator. We would color for hours on end
and now that art has turned to a love of taking photos.
So many memories. I blinked ,I think and the time just
went. I opened my eyes and she is all grown up ready
to begin her life. It is odd to think of Sweet Pea and
taking this grand adventure of girlhood and doing it all
over again. Princess will begin the teens in July so
she is onto a different era and time. The hard part of
girlhood. My motherhood and my work is spread way
apart. Who I am to one is different than who I am
to another. I am still trying to figure out what my
role is as mother to the boys. They are such different
creatures. As I ponder it all I am glad God was so
gracious as to allow me to be their mother. Through
all the trials, love, hugs and moments I am glad He
choose me to be mom to all 5 of my children.

(Heart and her Shy Guy)


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