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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Medical, graduation, school, and cleaning

This month has been a huge whirlwind of activity.
Activities are ending or beginning for the summer and
decisions are being made. Instead of my daybook I decided
to just give you a more relaxed post of what has been going
on around here.

I'll start with medical. Daddy had an appointment last
night, actually. His restrictions are now to a weight limit of
75lbs. He is at work right now showing them the paperwork.
I can only pray and hope that they will allow him back to
work soon. The Dr. said most people that have congestive
heart failure are off work from 1 year to 3 years. Wow that
would certainly hurt us. I'd have to find work. Its almost a
catch 22 as he can work but needs a job less physical but
needs to go back to this job so a new job would possibly
hire him. Its a wait, wait, wait type of situation. He also has
had headaches lately and the Dr. says they are from stress.
My first thought is what stress I have been handling
everything for him but second look I imagine just taking
care of himself /worrying about our family would be
stressful for him. Plus we also have a hearing on wed
that involves a family member who stole money from us.
That one hurts something terrible being as it is family.
We have done so much for this family member that it
hurt even more that said member would take from us
when we have given so much. It is hard to take this step
against this person. That's all I can say about
that right now.

Sweet Pea had her well check up recently. She is now
9 months old. Her percentile in weight gain dropped .
It was 50% now it is 10%. I believe it has to do with that
nasty stomach bug she had recently. We are monitoring
how much she is drinking to make she she is getting what
she needs. It is often hard because she doesn't always
want that much. I try to keep milk or water by her all day
so that she can sip on it to get her intake of fluid. Each
day we are just making the bottom suggested by the
pediatrician but don't worry she is well and happy.
Just making sure she stays that way.

(My mother has also not been well and we are awaiting
test results. It is all very frustrating how Dr. make
you wait when you already don't feel well)

Then there is graduation activities. We had church services
for graduation, parties, and senior social. It has been
a mess of food, hugs, tears and photos. It is harder
emotionally than I thought it would be. I am proud,
I am sad, I am excited, I am grateful to have spent
this time with my child, and I worry for her future. These
are only my emotions. We are also handling hers. It is
all an entirely new area of life for us. So many questions.
Where to go from here? What is next? We are moving
into adulthood and a new relationship with our child. I
know things will change. Some harder than others. It is
such a big step forward and it is also making me feel old.

School days have been narrowed down to half days. I
just can't handle more than that right now. We get the
bulk of our work done in the morning and if there is anything
else we try to squeeze it in the afternoon. Both of my children
will be starting in the fall where they left off this year. Princess
will move into 8th grade and Superboy will hang a bit in
4th. This is the best thing for him. He needs the time to
mature and become more motivated. . We ALL need the
summer off for some play. That is what we have been
spending our afternoons doing, play. Spirit today had a tub of
ocean animals in water. He played for hours in this tub
of water and soon Superboy was in it too. That is what
they need. Lazy days less stress. We are working toward
finding the end of our units so that we can stop that particular
topic. I don't want to start back up in the middle of
something and then have to remember what we did
three months ago. Our desks are piled with books and
paperwork. I plan to take a few days after school
cleaning up the mess, reorganizing and planning for
the fall. Mabye more than a few days.

Our future plans for the summer months
look like ... reading, library program, vbs, beach vacation,
and walking/ outdoor play.

What about the housework? Things are fairly well around
here. I plan to begin a more deep clean when our school
work end. I plan to enlist the children. It is time to wash
windows and get our hands dirty. With a little one around
it is often hard to do that but with all these hands there
Is no reason it still does not get done. When your work is
done it is easier to enjoy your play.

There is so much more I'd like to tell you about but
I have to get some work done around her today. I suppose
you will have to wait for another day.


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