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Friday, May 14, 2010

HomeSchool Convention Online

I completely missed our large homeschool convention
this year. Usually I enjoy attending the CHAP convention.
In an effort to save some money we decided to purchase
only limited items of need and use our local curriculum
exchange. I was able to attend our small homeschool
convention and honestly it is getting larger and larger.
It is interesting to see all the online conventions
springing up all over the net. Although I was not able
to participate as a whole with the SchoolHouse convention.
(Many tickets are sold out) I was able to enjoy their
vendor hall and you can too. It is free and available for
all to enjoy. You can also register to hear recorded sessions.

School House Expo

If nothing else try to stop by the vendor hall. I really enjoyed
reading about the HomeScholar. There are 2 free ebooks
available that I am immensely enjoying. One is called
The 5 biggest mistakes parents make when homeschooling
highschool and 7 secrets to homeschooling in a financial storm.
Both are very worthy of your time to look at. Even if you
aren't soon teaching high school. I promise it will leap at
you fast than you think.

I also took the plunge and decided to try the free version on
the homeschool tracker. I haven't gotten a chance to check it
out thoroughly yet but I am hoping this will meet my needs.

Many of the vendors at least offer their newsletters. I enjoy
getting these. If you have time to look through them they
are usually worth the effort. Newsletters contain sales, ideas
and sometimes freebies for parents.

I personally book marked a few sites for future purchases.
Many offer discounts if you order today or in the near future.

I particularly enjoyed Creation ministries. There are 3 ebooks
FREE for download. Amazing Fossils, Two toned twins and are
we beinging visited by extraterrestrial. There is also a section
for homeschool parents on how to get started and other
teaching tips.

My understanding is that this vendor hall will be open
376 days of the year 24/7. So you may want to check back
and visit often.


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