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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flowers and Plants

Just a little taste or last week of learning about flowers
and how plants grow. This worksheet was found at Spirit rolled a die and colored
the flowers that had the same number on. Since there
were two of each number he also drew a line to each
which was of his own doing.

We did many thing with beans. Not all pictured.
We counted them, sorted them by color and size,
glued them on Spirits name, he glued them on paper
making his own shapes, and we planted a few seeds too.
To show him the roots and parts of a plant he put
beans in a ziplock baggie with a paper towel. Then
we taped it to the window. It didn't take long for
it to begin growing. We replanted the seeds in dirt
after close inspection with a magnifying class.

I found these little blue flowers in my sewing box and decided
that we could create a counting book. Spirit found this super easy
so I think I'll need to add a few numbers next time.

Princess cut out flowers from our better homes and gardens
magazine. I gave them to Spirit to create a collage along
With some foam flowers we had laying around. For some reason
he glued them on top of one another.

We also.....
painted flowers with our hands
used the foam flowers for pattern cards
counted out flowers
Sorted foam flowers by color
Talked about the parts of a plant
Create sequencing about how a plant grows
Played with flower playdough mats.
and read lots of stories


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