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Monday, May 3, 2010


Today is...May 3, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

The sun is shining and it is hot like it is mid August
here in Pa. One minute it is cold the next it's
scorching. Very odd weather.

I am Thinking About.....

The week ahead. How fast this month is
going to go with Graduation things to accomplish.
I cannot believe my baby , not so baby, is graduating.
I look at my Sweet pea and think that I better enjoy each
second because the last time I blinked my oldest
baby grew up. I better keep my eyes open this time.

Health Care....

No new news. We have begun our walking plan
and children absolutely love it. They want to know

when we are going early in the day.

From the learning rooms...

Math- Finding Area, Perimeter, surface etc...
Literature- Learning to write a research paper
History- Roaring 20's
Science- Weather and the Rain cycle

Math- Adding and subtracting Fractions, Mixed numbers
and Improper fractions
Literature- Reading Whatever he enjoys
History- Learning about Germany
Science- Rock Hound

Learning about the Ocean. We will be heading
there this summer so I thought this would
be interesting to him as our trip is all he
talks about even though he has no idea what it
is like there. I can hardly wait to show him.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Hamburger and french fries
Tuesday- Pot Roast
Wednesday- Subs and fruit
Thursday- Salad
Friday- Tacos
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Tan capris and red tank

I am creating...
A healthy family.

I am hearing....
A motorcycle outside. The windows
are open.

Favorite things.....
Eric Carle Books

I am Thankful for..

Warmer weather

The baby clothes that were given to us by
a friend at our church. Sweet pea looks so adorable.

Fans without them it would be terrible unbearable here.

My family as always.

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator.

financial situations

Two friends who had corporal tunnel surgery

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School, Co-op
Tuesday- School, Grocery shopping
Wednesday- School,
Thursday- School, Cubscouts ,
Friday-School ,
Saturday- Prom for Heart and sleep over
for Superboy
Sunday- Church, Mothers Day.


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