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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crabby Crabs

To start off our lesson on Crabs we read the book by
Eric Carle Called a House for Hermit Crab. The Crab
in the story needs to find a new home. He finds one
but decides the shell is to plain. He invites other
animal friends to stay on his shell as decoration or
to light the way. Really a fun story. Superboy stopped
to listen too. Then Spirit and his sister decorated
their shells with animal foam stickers. You can see
Spirits sitting on the book in the photo above. Spirit had
a choice of many sea animals but seemed to be stuck on
the starfish stickers. He was a little upset there wasn't a
crab inside of his shell.
I printed these crab ABC from I am not sure where. I wish
I could find the link in my favorites for you. If I happen Upon
it I will add it here Or if anyone recognizes this please tell
me where so I can give the site credit.
All you do is print out the sheets. You can cover them
with laminating paper. I did not get to that as of yet so instead
of using a dry erase pen we used clear button markers to determine
the lower case letter that matches the upper case.

We created these fun crab plates. I thought to paint the paper
plates but it as a rough day with baby so decided on crayons.
You will need to color two small paper plates. After coloring the
plates we stuffed them with cotton and stapled the sides shut.
I had precut stripes for the legs cut from craft foam and
the claw shape that we glued to the back. The using red
pom poms we created bulging eyes.

Spirit also enjoyed learning how to do the crab walk.


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