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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mexico Expedition

Take a peek at Mexico Exhibition, part of the
Download and Go series. This e-book came at the right
time for me. I was in preparations of planning our upcoming
year. The thought came to mind after our US history lessons
to jump into visiting different countries. It looks like the
plans for Mexico will already be just about complete. That
is what I love most about the download and go series. I like
that the work is taken from me. Everything is together in an
e-book. All you have to do is create your library book list,
gather your supply list and buy some printer ink. Then
you are ready to delve into a new country. The lapbook
is easy to prepare and goes along directly with the e-book
portion. Each section is set up to learn a little about Mexico.
You will view videos that correlate with the lesson and
then complete questions that go along with that. Your
Exhibition to Mexico is a weeklong unit. Each day you
will visit a special geographic feature. I was a little
disappointed in the lack of hands on activities in this
particular lesson. In past Download and Go’s I was excited
about the number of hands on activities that were linked to,
to create. There are a few fun things to do such as recipes
from Mexico, building a pyramid, coloring pages and
creating some Mexican flowers. My children are very into
the craft part of learning and would enjoy more project
type ideas. However I do think this e-book is worth taking
a look at. Majority of your research is done for you and
the lapbook is a great hands on way to learn.

If you would like to take a pretend trip to Mexico
you can purchase the dowload and go Mexico Expedition
at The Old schoolhouse Store for 7.95
Friday, May 28, 2010

One Driver and a Semi Clean school room

Look Out!! Guess who whats to be on the road..?
Heart is working through the process to be a driver.

Wed. was her last day of school. Thursday we were
off to get her physical to go take the written test.
Once we get through graduation we will take time to
finally get that permit. I feel sort of bad that I seemed
to let the ball drop so to speak in Hearts corner.
Graduation just leaped up at me and I don't have her
prepared in the manor I would have liked. It's almost
a good thing Heart is such a laid back person. She
doesn't mind working through all of this now. This
Upcoming year our plan is to get that drivers license.
Find her a car and put insurance on it, set up her own
bank account, visit colleges, find a second job, and
begin to attend classes hopefully by spring. I suppose
Sweet pea had a lot to do with my lack of time reality.
An understanding daughter is a huge bonus.

Today the kids went with Gram and Great Grandma shopping.
Their first stop was the Orchard . They stopped a bit
ago to drop off goodies. Spirit apparently shopped with
Grams wallet. He came with 3 apples, popcorn and
peanut butter pretzels. Actually each of the children had
a goodie bag but Spirits Apples made me smile. Then
they took off again to shop for swimsuits with the
anticipated pool openings. I stayed home and worked
on our school room. The children managed to get
some work in early this morning so they could spend
time with their grandmas. I have a stack here to grade
yet but I cleaned and cleaned. I just couldn't wait
for the school year to end. It had gotten that bad.
I also had to rearrange because Sweet pea seems to
be getting into everything lately. It was time to move
a few things around to make room for a play pen.
I don't use these often but they come in handy
when mom needs to do something baby can't do.
I also set aside school items we rarely use for the attic.
It saves space in our small school area. I took inventory
so I know what is up there.Honestly most I sent
up we haven't touched in at least a year. Might be time
to sell some of it. I didn't complete the entire room
but the shelves are clean and Superboys desk.
I am sure you are wondering why I cleaned his desk.
Well, I did because I wanted to set up the workbox
system for him as well and had a plan for his desk.
It looks great. I am hoping this will help him
organize himself until he is ready to do it himself.
I also was able to clean all our shelves. It amazes
me how much paper I have to throw out each year.
I still need to work on my desk and the art cabinet
but that will come as the year ends. Plus planning
for next year. For today that was enough and
Sweet pea is ready for some attention.

Hope your day was just as productive.
It feels good.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Medical, graduation, school, and cleaning

This month has been a huge whirlwind of activity.
Activities are ending or beginning for the summer and
decisions are being made. Instead of my daybook I decided
to just give you a more relaxed post of what has been going
on around here.

I'll start with medical. Daddy had an appointment last
night, actually. His restrictions are now to a weight limit of
75lbs. He is at work right now showing them the paperwork.
I can only pray and hope that they will allow him back to
work soon. The Dr. said most people that have congestive
heart failure are off work from 1 year to 3 years. Wow that
would certainly hurt us. I'd have to find work. Its almost a
catch 22 as he can work but needs a job less physical but
needs to go back to this job so a new job would possibly
hire him. Its a wait, wait, wait type of situation. He also has
had headaches lately and the Dr. says they are from stress.
My first thought is what stress I have been handling
everything for him but second look I imagine just taking
care of himself /worrying about our family would be
stressful for him. Plus we also have a hearing on wed
that involves a family member who stole money from us.
That one hurts something terrible being as it is family.
We have done so much for this family member that it
hurt even more that said member would take from us
when we have given so much. It is hard to take this step
against this person. That's all I can say about
that right now.

Sweet Pea had her well check up recently. She is now
9 months old. Her percentile in weight gain dropped .
It was 50% now it is 10%. I believe it has to do with that
nasty stomach bug she had recently. We are monitoring
how much she is drinking to make she she is getting what
she needs. It is often hard because she doesn't always
want that much. I try to keep milk or water by her all day
so that she can sip on it to get her intake of fluid. Each
day we are just making the bottom suggested by the
pediatrician but don't worry she is well and happy.
Just making sure she stays that way.

(My mother has also not been well and we are awaiting
test results. It is all very frustrating how Dr. make
you wait when you already don't feel well)

Then there is graduation activities. We had church services
for graduation, parties, and senior social. It has been
a mess of food, hugs, tears and photos. It is harder
emotionally than I thought it would be. I am proud,
I am sad, I am excited, I am grateful to have spent
this time with my child, and I worry for her future. These
are only my emotions. We are also handling hers. It is
all an entirely new area of life for us. So many questions.
Where to go from here? What is next? We are moving
into adulthood and a new relationship with our child. I
know things will change. Some harder than others. It is
such a big step forward and it is also making me feel old.

School days have been narrowed down to half days. I
just can't handle more than that right now. We get the
bulk of our work done in the morning and if there is anything
else we try to squeeze it in the afternoon. Both of my children
will be starting in the fall where they left off this year. Princess
will move into 8th grade and Superboy will hang a bit in
4th. This is the best thing for him. He needs the time to
mature and become more motivated. . We ALL need the
summer off for some play. That is what we have been
spending our afternoons doing, play. Spirit today had a tub of
ocean animals in water. He played for hours in this tub
of water and soon Superboy was in it too. That is what
they need. Lazy days less stress. We are working toward
finding the end of our units so that we can stop that particular
topic. I don't want to start back up in the middle of
something and then have to remember what we did
three months ago. Our desks are piled with books and
paperwork. I plan to take a few days after school
cleaning up the mess, reorganizing and planning for
the fall. Mabye more than a few days.

Our future plans for the summer months
look like ... reading, library program, vbs, beach vacation,
and walking/ outdoor play.

What about the housework? Things are fairly well around
here. I plan to begin a more deep clean when our school
work end. I plan to enlist the children. It is time to wash
windows and get our hands dirty. With a little one around
it is often hard to do that but with all these hands there
Is no reason it still does not get done. When your work is
done it is easier to enjoy your play.

There is so much more I'd like to tell you about but
I have to get some work done around her today. I suppose
you will have to wait for another day.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ocean Math

Here are a few of our math activities this week that do not
have a specific animal or catagory other than ocean. The plastic
bath toys we bought at the dollar store. We matched them with
their partners and counted out the number on our number cards.
Spirit can recognize numbers to 5 we are beginning to work higher
now on 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Both of the worksheets above and below came
The top is a bingo bucket game. Spirit rolled a die
counted the dot and then colored the numbered bucket highlighted
until he had Bingo. You could either stamp it or even use a sticker.
Spirit got bingo a played a little longer but his interest went fairly
quick. I allowed him to go when it was enough.

This sheet can be laminated and redone over and over.
We did not laminate we simply circled the number of each
animal. I did notice the starfish didn't have a one so he
just wrote his own one in the box. It old him there was
a trick. He laughed at that.

There is so much more we are going to create an do with
this activity. I can hardly wait to get to it all.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crabby Crabs

To start off our lesson on Crabs we read the book by
Eric Carle Called a House for Hermit Crab. The Crab
in the story needs to find a new home. He finds one
but decides the shell is to plain. He invites other
animal friends to stay on his shell as decoration or
to light the way. Really a fun story. Superboy stopped
to listen too. Then Spirit and his sister decorated
their shells with animal foam stickers. You can see
Spirits sitting on the book in the photo above. Spirit had
a choice of many sea animals but seemed to be stuck on
the starfish stickers. He was a little upset there wasn't a
crab inside of his shell.
I printed these crab ABC from I am not sure where. I wish
I could find the link in my favorites for you. If I happen Upon
it I will add it here Or if anyone recognizes this please tell
me where so I can give the site credit.
All you do is print out the sheets. You can cover them
with laminating paper. I did not get to that as of yet so instead
of using a dry erase pen we used clear button markers to determine
the lower case letter that matches the upper case.

We created these fun crab plates. I thought to paint the paper
plates but it as a rough day with baby so decided on crayons.
You will need to color two small paper plates. After coloring the
plates we stuffed them with cotton and stapled the sides shut.
I had precut stripes for the legs cut from craft foam and
the claw shape that we glued to the back. The using red
pom poms we created bulging eyes.

Spirit also enjoyed learning how to do the crab walk.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We have begun our unit on the Ocean.. We spent
some time online looking at different photos of our first animal
the Octopus . It was neat to see some of the colors of the Octopus.
Below Spirit Created his own with an egg carton cup, craft foam,
Pony beads, wiggle eyes and cereal. I personally like the
cereal the best. They clearly represent the suctions. For
Spirit I precut the craft foam into stripes and hot glued
them to the egg carton. We created a few.

Painting his hand and not his thumbs we created a painting of
the Octopus. Spirit added eyes, foam shape sea animals and the
pen is the ocean. I tried to get him to use his crayons but he
seems to be into using pen lately.

Number Practice using this poster I drew freehand and bean bags.
They boys played with this for sometime. Trying to land their
bean bags on the higher numbers.

Our favorite and the big hit for all was the Octopus snack.
Pour Kool aide into a plastic cup. Hang over the edge 8
gummy worms. Try to stay away from the sour ones. They
get mush in the kool aid and make you ice sour too. Unless
you really like sour. We talked about bringing the things to
make this when we actually go to the Ocean.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Travel Kit

Going on vacation is a relaxing time for our family.
It is a time for us to spend quiet moments together.
However, when you put five children in a car together
for an extended period of time it can be anything but
quiet. Over the years I have come up with some ideas to
keep the children busy. Having a snack is always
good and playing car game keeps them busy for
a little while. I struggle with finding ways to keep
them busy and happy. I certainly don’t want a struggle
on our vacation. I want it to be an enjoyable time
that we all remember. I don't want anything that takes
a long time to prepare either, since packing for
the entire family is quite time consuming as it is.
Over the years we have created a sort of game
travel box. The children seem to look forward to playing
the games inside. In fact we are headng out to the
OC this year and the first things Princess said is we
have to bring the travel box.

I think I may have found our families newest tradition
in the form of Travel kits or add to are already
formed travel box. The concept behind the travel kits
is for the child/family member to unwrap a special
something every once in awhile during the long
car ride. The travel kit E-book is filled with ideas for
you to fill your kit to meet your family’s needs.
As I read through all of the ideas more ideas sparked
in my mind having to do with my children. Their likes,
dislikes and interests. After reading the E-book I have been
searching for ideas. My oldest son is always full of humor.
He loves to tell jokes and be silly. At the grocery store
I found in the twenty five cent machine play sticky
mustaches. I bought two of them to put in our travel kit
along with a joke book. This should keep the boys busy
for hours and promote reading. This year it maybe
just as fun getting ready for our vacation as it is having
the vacation because giving gifts and making the children
smile are always fun for me. I have been thinking it might
be fun to add some of the items we already need to
purchase for my teens gifts. Like suntan lotion or a beach
towel. The ideas are limitless it all depends on how much
you are willing to spend and your own creativity.

If you'd like to learn more about the Travel kit the
ebook is 12.95 at The Old Schoolhouse Store. The only
downside that I can think of when using the travel kits
is what to do on the way home.....

PS Come back in July to see our Travel kits!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is...May 17, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

Its another cool, rainy day. The sky is gray and more
of the same in the forecast for the next few days. At
least over the weekend we were able to get out a little.

Weekend at a Glance.....

This weekend was just as full as the last. We spent
Friday evening at a friends house to Celebrate the graduation
of the Seniors in our youth group. The Teens seemed to
have a wonderful time. We played the song Friends by
Michael W. Smith and prayed for them all. Tears were shed.
I bought autograph book for them to sign one others
books and we watched a movie . Course a lot of the
time was spend watching the enormous hail falling. I
don't think I have even seen hail so large. Saturday I
spent the morning getting my lessons together and then
we went to a mother daughter banquet at our church. I
enjoyed the time with my grandma, mom and the girls.

Health Care....

Superboy went for his annual teeth cleaning today.
All was 100% . I was so thankful for that.
We need to celebrate. Princess has he 9 month
check up later this month. Maintenance is half the

From the learning rooms...


Math- Reviewing
Literature- Learning to write a Literary paper
History- Women In Politics
Science- Energy

Math- Writing decimals
Literature- Reading Stories such as William Tell
History- Inventors
Science- Rock Hound - We are creating crystals
and learning all about them. (Our Crystals turned out

Ocean unit study and ABC review.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Haddock fish squares, potatoes wedges, fruit
Tuesday- Pizza
Wednesday- Meatloaf, peas and mashed potatoes
Thursday- hamburgers and french fries
Friday- Salads
Weekend Whatever inspires us.

I am wearing...
Black jeans and peach shirt.

I am creating...


I am hearing....
Animal Planet on TV
Sweet pea playing with toys.

Favorite things.....
Spirit Octopus he made today. Really cute.

I am Thankful for..
Good reports at the dentist
Full freezer
A clean desk
hugs from superboy today
Sweet pea playing by herself
Craft fun

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator

Our financial situation seems to be getting
worse instead of better but we still somehow manage
to make it. Even more of our finances will drop after
June making things even harder if Daddy's work doesn't
call soon.

Two friends who had corporal tunnel surgery

Heart as she finishes out her Senior year and then decides
what is next.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School, dentist and Co-op meeting
Tuesday- School
Wednesday- School, Small groups session,
Hearts chorus concert
Thursday- School, Cubscouts ,Sweet pea Dr. appointment
Friday-School , Hearts Party
Saturday- Free day
Sunday- Sunday services, Baccalaureate

Friday, May 14, 2010

HomeSchool Convention Online

I completely missed our large homeschool convention
this year. Usually I enjoy attending the CHAP convention.
In an effort to save some money we decided to purchase
only limited items of need and use our local curriculum
exchange. I was able to attend our small homeschool
convention and honestly it is getting larger and larger.
It is interesting to see all the online conventions
springing up all over the net. Although I was not able
to participate as a whole with the SchoolHouse convention.
(Many tickets are sold out) I was able to enjoy their
vendor hall and you can too. It is free and available for
all to enjoy. You can also register to hear recorded sessions.

School House Expo

If nothing else try to stop by the vendor hall. I really enjoyed
reading about the HomeScholar. There are 2 free ebooks
available that I am immensely enjoying. One is called
The 5 biggest mistakes parents make when homeschooling
highschool and 7 secrets to homeschooling in a financial storm.
Both are very worthy of your time to look at. Even if you
aren't soon teaching high school. I promise it will leap at
you fast than you think.

I also took the plunge and decided to try the free version on
the homeschool tracker. I haven't gotten a chance to check it
out thoroughly yet but I am hoping this will meet my needs.

Many of the vendors at least offer their newsletters. I enjoy
getting these. If you have time to look through them they
are usually worth the effort. Newsletters contain sales, ideas
and sometimes freebies for parents.

I personally book marked a few sites for future purchases.
Many offer discounts if you order today or in the near future.

I particularly enjoyed Creation ministries. There are 3 ebooks
FREE for download. Amazing Fossils, Two toned twins and are
we beinging visited by extraterrestrial. There is also a section
for homeschool parents on how to get started and other
teaching tips.

My understanding is that this vendor hall will be open
376 days of the year 24/7. So you may want to check back
and visit often.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


(Through this post I will share prom photos... From right to
Left a Girl my daughter grew up with. They have played
together since they were in kindergarten. The boy next to
her is a boy I used to watch in our church nursery. Heart
and him have known one another since babies. Hearts boyfriend
and my girl Heart.)

Well, I'd like to say I am organized this week and that all is
flowing but honestly I'm not so organized and its not so flowing.
The kids are still getting their school work finished using
my charts and their workboxes. I however have been fairly
absent. It is interesting to see them still go about their
day. Turning in the work and following the school rules.

(The girls)

Monday we had co-op activities, nearing the end of the year
we had lots of gym time. Then I wasn't feeling well and
yesterday I was shopping and planning for a graduation
party for some of the youth at our church. Not really a youth
event but wanted to celebrate with them. Some of the
youth that are graduating this year I had in the nursery
when they were babies. This year will commemorate the first
of the first. Wow do I feel old.

(Friends always)

This graduation will also
include my baby who will be 18 in August. I still remember
her and I spending time together when she was little.
Our favorite times were sitting by the little plastic pool
watching her slide down the slide. I would sit and paint
little pictures on her , like you would at a face paint. Little
rainbows on her leg, ladybugs on her arms, and tiny flowers
all over. Then she would slide into the water and play,
all would be washed away. She'd dry and beg for me to do
it again and again. Our world seemed to revolve around art.
At one point in time she drew with markers on her wall.
A bright big Rainbow with her name on it. She was so
proud of it grinning from ear to ear. How could I yell or
fuss when she seemed so happy and proud of her work.
Eventually we washed it off and talked about using paper
so we could save it next time and post it somewhere
on the refrigerator. We would color for hours on end
and now that art has turned to a love of taking photos.
So many memories. I blinked ,I think and the time just
went. I opened my eyes and she is all grown up ready
to begin her life. It is odd to think of Sweet Pea and
taking this grand adventure of girlhood and doing it all
over again. Princess will begin the teens in July so
she is onto a different era and time. The hard part of
girlhood. My motherhood and my work is spread way
apart. Who I am to one is different than who I am
to another. I am still trying to figure out what my
role is as mother to the boys. They are such different
creatures. As I ponder it all I am glad God was so
gracious as to allow me to be their mother. Through
all the trials, love, hugs and moments I am glad He
choose me to be mom to all 5 of my children.

(Heart and her Shy Guy)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Simple Womans Daybook

Today is...May 10, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

It is a cool crisp day out there. The kids are to
play kickball outdoors with their co-op but not sure
if they will do that or not today. Probably to chilly for
me to take Sweet pea out for very long. Over the weekend
we had some enormous winds.

Weekend at a Glance.....

We spent the weekend running and running.
Heart had Prom on Saturday. We had her hair to do.
Then she invited friends over for photos before and an
after party after at my moms house. I had errands to run
and Superboy spent the night at his friends house making
it his first sleepover. He came home exhausted and slept
most of mothers day. In fact we were all fairly tired from
the days running around. We did make it to church and
Daddy made me a really nice dinner for moms day. The
children and daddy gave me adorable cards. Then we spent
the rest of the day watching movies dozing off now and then.
Spirit and I snuggled on the floor for a long time before
Sweet pea noticed and joined in. Ohh the giggles.

Health Care....

We are still sticking to our walking plan. It has
been a little difficult with the weather as it is but
if we can't go out and walk we dance around to some music
or exercise to a workout DVD. The kids love it. They beg to go
walking. Spirit always wants to ride his bike but I ask he
walks with us. He would be outside every second from the
time he opens his eyes till they shut. I have to force him in
to use the bathroom and to eat lunch and dinner. He plays
in his sand, rides his bike and bulldozes trucks around the
yard. He is so different than Superboy. Superboy would
be happy to daydream all day and draw pictures.

From the learning rooms...

We are winding down for the year. I am excited
about our summer break. My kids just need to be kids.
I can't wait to give that to them. Princess' work has been
so hard for her this year. She will really like the break.
Of Course we are always learning.

Math- Finding Area, Perimeter, surface etc...
Literature- Learning to write a Literary paper
History- Finishing the Roaring 20's (This was
a fun unit to do. ) I think I enjoyed it as well.
Science- Rock hound

Math- Writing decimals
Literature- Reading Stories such as William Tell
History- Inventors
Science- Rock Hound - We are creating crystals
and learning all about them.

Ocean unit study. We will be heading
there this summer so I thought this would
be interesting to him as our trip is all he
talks about even though he has no idea what it
is like there. I can hardly wait to show him.

From our kitchen...
Monday- left overs
Tuesday- Pot Roast
Wednesday- Chip beef gravey and potatoes
Thursday- hamburgers and french fries
Friday- Salads
Weekend Whatever inspires us.

I am wearing...
Black jeans and purple shirt. I dug out my fuzzy
slippers my feet are freezing today.

I am creating...
A special gift for graduation

I am hearing....
Sewing maching roaring. The children are creating
bags in co-op. They need to do a little work at home.
Sweet pea is cooing and playing with toys.

Favorite things.....
These adorable bird feeders my mom found at a
yard sale this weekend. The man was going out of
business and they are so neat. I can't wait to decorate
with it.

I am Thankful for..

warm slippers
full bellies
laundry on the washline
bottles of glue and crayons laying all around
stack of library books on sea animals
goldfish crackers in rainbow colors
loving mothers day cards

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator.

Our financial situation seems to be getting

worse instead of better but we still somehow manage
to make it. Even more of our finances will drop after
June making things even harder if Daddys work doesn't
call soon.

Two friends who had corporal tunnel surgery

Heart as she finishs out her Senior year and then decides
what is next.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School, Co-op, Conference call
Tuesday- School, Superboys testing
Wednesday- School, Planning and preparing for
graduation party
Thursday- School, Cubscouts ,
Friday-School , Hearts graduation party
Saturday- Mother -daughter banquet at our church
Sunday- Church, Path youth.

Here is a photo I'd like to share...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!

What is a Mother?

M- Miracle Worker
O- One in a Million
T- Teacher and Giver
H- Hugs never ending
E-Eager to help you
R- Ready for anything

Happy Mothers Day!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Little sign of Spring

Spirit and I discussed the signs of spring.
I found these little birds at a hide away craft store.
Spirit painted a paper plate brown for the nest. We
stapled the sides and sort of bent it out so it
formed a little next. For cutting practice I had him
cut pieces of green and brown construction paper into
small squares. He also tried his hand at cutting yarn.
When he was finished we had this little bird craft.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flowers and Plants

Just a little taste or last week of learning about flowers
and how plants grow. This worksheet was found at Spirit rolled a die and colored
the flowers that had the same number on. Since there
were two of each number he also drew a line to each
which was of his own doing.

We did many thing with beans. Not all pictured.
We counted them, sorted them by color and size,
glued them on Spirits name, he glued them on paper
making his own shapes, and we planted a few seeds too.
To show him the roots and parts of a plant he put
beans in a ziplock baggie with a paper towel. Then
we taped it to the window. It didn't take long for
it to begin growing. We replanted the seeds in dirt
after close inspection with a magnifying class.

I found these little blue flowers in my sewing box and decided
that we could create a counting book. Spirit found this super easy
so I think I'll need to add a few numbers next time.

Princess cut out flowers from our better homes and gardens
magazine. I gave them to Spirit to create a collage along
With some foam flowers we had laying around. For some reason
he glued them on top of one another.

We also.....
painted flowers with our hands
used the foam flowers for pattern cards
counted out flowers
Sorted foam flowers by color
Talked about the parts of a plant
Create sequencing about how a plant grows
Played with flower playdough mats.
and read lots of stories

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Walking Challenge Week 1

We have begun our first week of our Family walking Challenge.
The children ask daily " Mom are we walking today" I really
think that they are enjoying these walks together. One day
they walked on the railroad tracks which if you ask me is harder
than walking on the trails. We also have been walking more
than our minutes on our calendar sheet. We have found it
is easier to walk to the same location daily and move
farther along the trail when the minutes go up. The children
constantly pressure me to walk farther but I know that the
distance in one direction isn't a problem for them . Its when
we have to return.

Here they all are resting on the bridge. Our walking has turned
into nature hikes at times. As you can see Superboy holding his rock.
One day Spirit kept picking up rocks that by the time we returned
home he was dropping them he had so many. If you know
my boys it would not surprise you to know that they intend to
paint these rocks.

Sweet pea is enjoying the walks as well. She loves going outdoors
and taking it all in. A few times she has fallen asleep from the
bouncing of her stroller. The fresh air is doing her good.
She is often sleep all night or even sleeping in like this morning
till 8. Her typical is 5 am wake up call.

My goal for us doing this walking is for our health but also
for tradition. When I was little we would always go
to the beach and with that trip meant a walk down the
boardwalk from one end to the other. It has been a long
time since I have seen each end. I am hoping to make that
trek to the end and ride the tram back. Just like we did
when we were little. I just have to keep walking.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Today is...May 3, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

The sun is shining and it is hot like it is mid August
here in Pa. One minute it is cold the next it's
scorching. Very odd weather.

I am Thinking About.....

The week ahead. How fast this month is
going to go with Graduation things to accomplish.
I cannot believe my baby , not so baby, is graduating.
I look at my Sweet pea and think that I better enjoy each
second because the last time I blinked my oldest
baby grew up. I better keep my eyes open this time.

Health Care....

No new news. We have begun our walking plan
and children absolutely love it. They want to know

when we are going early in the day.

From the learning rooms...

Math- Finding Area, Perimeter, surface etc...
Literature- Learning to write a research paper
History- Roaring 20's
Science- Weather and the Rain cycle

Math- Adding and subtracting Fractions, Mixed numbers
and Improper fractions
Literature- Reading Whatever he enjoys
History- Learning about Germany
Science- Rock Hound

Learning about the Ocean. We will be heading
there this summer so I thought this would
be interesting to him as our trip is all he
talks about even though he has no idea what it
is like there. I can hardly wait to show him.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Hamburger and french fries
Tuesday- Pot Roast
Wednesday- Subs and fruit
Thursday- Salad
Friday- Tacos
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Tan capris and red tank

I am creating...
A healthy family.

I am hearing....
A motorcycle outside. The windows
are open.

Favorite things.....
Eric Carle Books

I am Thankful for..

Warmer weather

The baby clothes that were given to us by
a friend at our church. Sweet pea looks so adorable.

Fans without them it would be terrible unbearable here.

My family as always.

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator.

financial situations

Two friends who had corporal tunnel surgery

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School, Co-op
Tuesday- School, Grocery shopping
Wednesday- School,
Thursday- School, Cubscouts ,
Friday-School ,
Saturday- Prom for Heart and sleep over
for Superboy
Sunday- Church, Mothers Day.

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