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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zoo book

Our unit on zoo animals is finally over. I could have touched on
several more animals but I could see that Spirit was ready for
another topic. My beginning intention was to create a lapbook
from the crafts and areas of learning but some of his projects
were larger than lapbook material so I decided to put them into
one big book. Here are a few of our pages. You will probably
recognize our crafts. These are my three favorite.

Beginning a little site word practice each page begins
This is a....
Some of the pages have pockets like the one above
so that Spirit can take a game out and play it again.

This lion is my favorite. This is a book we created
using the lion hunt song. We still do this activity over
and over. He loves acting things out.

You can check out all of are zoo crafts and activities
on my sidebar under preschool.


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