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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Workbox Planning sheet

I am beginning to get the hang of setting up the workboxes.
The first week was a little hectic in the area of planning as far
as this mom goes. I am one that likes to jump headlong
into something. If it doesn't work then I change it as I go.
Finding eight things for Spirit to do each day was great for
him. He loves it but organizing that many ideas was a
little wavering for me. Then I decided to try creating a form
and so far this week that form has helped so much. It took
me some time on Saturday to find things for the boxes. I
thought it would be harder but really the boxes filled up
rather quickly. I have found the sheet very helpful when
restocking the boxes after the day is over. Using my chart
it takes little time at all. Any worksheets I may have
for him to use I put in a folder. Then the manipulative's
and crafts go in a basket on my desk. This had made
my week and planning so much simpler.

Let me explain to you how I am using the form
Starting on the left and working over. My
First row is the numbered folder. The second is a place
to write what skill is being learned. I didn't want to
be suck with only doing a certain amount of math or
language. I want it to be flexible. I have been thinking
of keeping one literature, one math and one calendar pocket
in the future. Then filling in as I go. The reason for the skill
even though I am being relaxed is more for myself so
that I can look back and say ohh we need to do more cutting
or we need to practice number recognition we haven't
done that for awhile. For me it helps to keep my thoughts
together. Then the last row is for the activity itself.

You can download my planning form Here.


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