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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snakes Alive!!

Along with our zoo unit we had to visit the snake. I hope
to do a little more of this later. Spirit really enjoyed
the snake activities. Our favorite activity was this
snake game I created by purchasing plastic snakes
at the dollar store. Using our number cards we choose
a card and counted out that many snakes.

Our Alphabet snake comes from which is copyrighted
so I can't share but you might be able to go and find it there. I
was surprised that Spirit had such an easy time completing
this task. You begin by cutting out the circle letters. Some of the
letters are already on the snake. You have to paste in the letters
that come next. I precut the circles for Spirit as it was a tad
time consuming.

We also played with our playdough and learned how to roll and
create snakes to put in the grass. This also worked well one day
with our counting cards above. A friend had sent out this
sheet in a yahoo group. I printed it and put it into a page
protector so I could keep the sheet clean.

Last but not least Spirit created this craft from craft foam.
I precut the snake for him. Then he stuck on the foam shapes.
These shapes are cut from sticker foam. I had used the sheets
For something else at one time and the foam that was left
over I cut into shapes and put into a ziplock baggie not knowing
what to use them for. I still have many shapes so this is the first of
many uses I am sure.


  1. How did you get the snake abc template? I went to the website and it's very hard to search. Thanks!


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