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Monday, April 12, 2010

Simple Womens daybook

Today is...April 12, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

The sun is shining again. We will enjoy this since

tomorrow it is supposed to drizzle on us . Spring
is in full swing here in Pennsylvania. I can say
that I am enjoying its beauty. I am always amazed about
how quickly the trees bloom into full green waves.

I am Thinking About.....

The workbox system by Sue Patrick. I decided to give it
a try and today was our first day. I am trying it out with
Spirit only. If all goes well I may do it with Superboy
in the fall to help him become more self efficient. I think it
would do a lot for his self esteem. It is very easy to set up.

Health Care....

I can finally post that all is well here. Everyones health
issues seem to be stable at the moment

From the learning rooms...

Math- Finding Area, Perimeter etc...
Literature- Learning to write a research paper
History- Review of all we have learned so far
this year.
Science- Global warming

Math- Fractions
Literature- Imaginary lands
History- Civil war
Science- Electricty
Creating a notebook of all our fun experiments

Still working on zoo. There were lots of
fun fishing trips last week and Spirit had a
wonderful time.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.
Tuesday- Left overs (had a big ham dinner
over the weekend plus food from yesterday)
Wednesday- Spaghetti and garlic bread
Thursday- pork chops, peas and baked potatoes
Friday- Meatloaf
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Jean Capris and black shirt shirt

I am creating...
Snake Crafts for spirits zoo lesson tomorrow

I am hearing....
Boys wrestling

Favorite things.....

I am Thankful for..

All that I completed today. It was one of
those homeschool days where you say Yes.. that is
why I do this.

Warm blankets on cool nights

Grilling season

Happy children, last week they were not
so happy. Today it seems they have jumped out
of their bad moods.

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator.

financial situations

A dear friend going in for some medical and Praying
it is not more than first glance.
(good news it wasnt more and she is doing fine)

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School, Co-op
Tuesday- School
Wednesday- School, Choir
Thursday- School, Cubscouts
Saturday- YHSA curriculum fair
I can't get to our big convention but am excited
about digging into our neighborhood curriculum.
Sunday- Church, Path youth

Photo I'd like to share.....
My grandbaby , I love how he sleeps with his arms
in the air with not a care in the world.


  1. I love the picture of your grandson. My oldest daughter used to sleep like that too. I have a picture of her doing that. Thanks for posting the picture and reminding me of that precious moment so many years ago.


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