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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sick in Bed again....

Little Sweet Pea is sick again. I think this year so far
we have taken turns being sick. Daddy seems to be sniffling
as well. I feel all I have been getting done is wiping noses
and disinfecting. Each time after someone is sick I go through
the regimen of disinfecting everything including toys and
blankets. It takes some time to complete and with the
row of illness around here it seems I am in constant clean
mode. At least today her fever seems less and she has
been playing for a little while this morning. I still may
call the doctor. I am undecide on that .

I hated to do it but this morning I had to run for a few
things form the grocery store. Typically I stay way
ahead of the game as far as shopping goes. I buy
what I need for two weeks. Then if I go for a few odds
and ends I may shop again instead of making another trip.
Today I needed water for baby, diapers and baby food.
I went through our supplies and while I was out restocked
a few things. No point wasting a store trip.

While I was gone Daddy helped hold down the house. I
assigned each of the children some work and was
even surprised that Spirit and Daddy had gone through
his workbox while I was gone. I have to say I am
really loving this system and am pretty sure Superboy
will use it in the fall too. He needs the organization that
it will give him and I believe this will help him move more
smoothly from task to task. Time will tell.

I have so much to get done today with Sweet pea
being sick besides tending to her. She is taking a
nap as I type this. It is difficult to get anything done
when she is awake but even more so when she is
asleep because then I am afraid that the noise will wake
her. I suppose I better get off of here today and start
getting things straighted up as best as I can. Daddy
decided to grill tonite so most of the cooking has gone
his direction. He is the only man I know that loves to
cook. I am so lucky to have that. I know most moms
don't get that cooking break like I do as often as I do.

Before I go I will leave you with our hope. Yesterday
my brother in law stopped and told Daddy that his
boss asked about him today. Work has picked up in the
mill and they are running a week behind. We are hoping
that Daddy will be called back any day now for work
as the doctors have released him quite awhile ago. We
do not know what is in the minds of his bosses we can
only wait, hope and pray.

I hope that this post finds your family well today.


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