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Friday, April 30, 2010

Relaxing day.... Week wrap-up

I am amazed how well our day went today.
I have been praying for some peace and some organization.
I am reading a book called Passionate Housewives Desperate
for God. ( A Vision Forum book) It has been a very good
read. I plan to post about it when I finish it up. I only
have two more chapters. I would really recommend this
book. It has put many misconceptions of the world and
from my own mind into correct order . Somethings were a
surprise to me and somethings I already knew
but needed
reminding. It has been a wonderful read when I have the
time to do so. It can be hard with a baby on hand. I
sometimes read in the dark of the night or nap time, but
I enjoy that time with God. Sometimes I start a passage
and reread it several times because someone needs
something or baby needs me. There were times I'd
begin one word and have to put it down. Yet it has
been worth the effort.

Our school week started misty just like the weather
and brightened with it. Today the children are
so eager to finish their studies. I particularly enjoyed
princess studies on water currents and ocean waves. Some
of it will be interesting to bring up again when we are
at the beach actually witnessing these things over the
summer months. Hopefully it will bring it home all the
more as we are wading through the currents of the sea.

Superboy zoomed right through his lesson and then
pauses on math each day. This used to be his favorite
Subject but because it requires writing it is like pulling
teeth out. As he gets farther along he needs to write
things out to solve the problem. Many times he takes
shortcuts and then has to redo his work to find the error.
I had hoped after the first few times that he would
realize that if he puts his work on paper finding his
error would be simpler to do.

Spirit has enjoyed his plant life lesson and his activities
with clouds. I will post some of them here next week.
His enthusiasm is contagious. The older children
gather around his activities and want to see only to
boast his spirit even more. Interestingly enough the
biggest hit was playing in a tub of cotton. Spirit had
the illusion of walking on a cloud. Even the oldest
had to try this out. It was awesome to hear their
comments. Telling Spirit he couldn't really stand on
a cloud because its made of air and water and how
his feet would feel wet if he could.

Sweet pea has made my load easier of late as she
tends to want her daddy a lot of the time. She
crawls to him and lays on his belly to fall asleep. I
sort of worry about when he does go back to work
how she will deal without him. I secretly wonder
how he will do without her too. They seem mesmerized
by one another. Which is a grand thing.

Heart is almost finished with school. Her and I took
our own photo shoot. Senior photos are sooo expensive.
It only cost us about $6. at walmart for 8X10s and
wallets. Time seems to be whirling around us. She plans
to take things slow just as I'd expect her to do. She
has always been a sit back and take a look at things
first sort of girl. She is looking more into her options and
working . Last night she went and put some applications
in for a job. My hope for her is the will of God. What
his will is, is what she will be. She has always
presented such strong leadership. I expect that wont
be able to hide to long.

Each of my children seems to be growing so quickly.
Princess made me a bracelet today out of yarn. I
remember many years ago when Heart was into
creating them too. I suspect that is where she
learned to make them. Our activities are all coming
To an end the month of May. I look forward to the
rush slowing down. Choir has already ended for
Princess. Scouts has 3 more meetings and Co-op
is finishing up for the year. I haven't decided
if we will continue with that group next year or go
back to our old group. I missed many of our friends
this year. I only went to this new one because of
location and finances. It just doesn't have the feel
of friendship as our other group. I can't explain it.
We will see. I won't decide now. We will rejoin
our friends at playground days.

Our church activities have been slowing as well.
Some of them have ended. I offered to teach 2
Sunday school lessons over the summer months
and I will lead music for our VBS. Little nervous
about that one . I prayed about this one for awhile.
I am not a singer by any means but wanted to do
something new. One night I awoke to all these musical
ideas to do with the children. I have no idea where they
came from and at our local curriculum fair I picked up
a box of instruments for only a few dollars. I am
sure God was on my side.

I leave you now as I have to get back to our day.
Sweet pea is napping and Spirit just was stung
by a wasp. I stopped typing mid to go and fix him
up. I am happy to report he is doing well. I worried
at first as his daddy is allergic to stings. Luckily
it seems Spirit is not. While all are playing I will
gather our supplies for some fun Science experiments.
Maybe I'll remember the camera to share them with
you. Have a lovely day and if you are near PA enjoy
the sunshine.


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