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Friday, April 16, 2010

Productivity with a sick child... Not happening.

I wish I could say today was a really productive day but
I have not had one of those for several days now. You see
Sweet Pea is sick and when baby is sick all you get done
is tending baby. Which is as it should be. My eyes
right now are soo tired and burning. I have barely slept
in days and instead of getting better last night seemed
to be the worst. I did take her to the Doctor yesterday
only to find out she has a Viral infection. I do not like
when the children are told that they have a Viral because
that means no help, no meds and just wait. My mommy
heart wants to do more for them then just watch them
suffer though. For the last several days Sweet Pea has barely
eaten anything. The Doctor has her on Pedialyte and cereal
till her appetite picks up. I have found that she is actually
favoring it over her formula. She is beginning to eat more
but is very very fussy. When she lays down her little
nose stuffs up so badly that she just moans. She is so
tired but can not sleep. Last night I helped her sitting up
on the sofa the entire night just so she could rest because
as soon as her head hit the bed she would stuff up
so badly and then could not sleep. I try suctioning her
nose out for her but that isn't helping much either.
She did sneeze a few great big sneezes this morning
which seemed to do the job mom could not get.

Daddy headed off this morning for a bit of fishing while I tended
baby and the children worked on assignments. The house looks
like a tornado went through. When she is happy for
brief moments I run around picking up like I've lost
my mine. Daddy came back just a bit ago and is giving
me a little break . I though I'd take a moment and just type this all
out. Then I will begin picking up more of the mess despite being
tired. I know what needs done. I would not be able to rest
even if I could knowing things needed taken care of.

We will see how far I get before Daddy needs me to help
him. I have a feeling I won't get very far. I hear her already.


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