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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Name Game

I would love to share a photo of our activities while learning Spirits
name but need to keep our privacy. Today though I'd like to share
my name ideas. There are so many ways to practice a childs name.
Here are just a few of the ideas I have had lately. Many would
work for spelling as well.

*Writing practice- There is a website called Amazing
handwriting worksheets. You can visit them at
The awesome thing about this site is that you
can create writing sheets with whatever words you
are working on. In my sons case his name.

*Shaving Cream- Child writes his name in shaving cream.
You can spray it on a cookie sheet or directly onto the
table. Depending on the kind you buy you can really
create a clean smell in the house.

*Rainbow writing- On a large sheet of paper write
your childs name. Then provide them with a rainbow
of colors. Have them write their names over and
over your black writing to create their names in rainbow

*Bean writing- Write your childs name with
sharpie again really large on a piece of paper.
Then have your child glue beans, stickers, corn,
small pieces of tissue paper, yarn or pipe cleaners.
Really the list is endless be creative.

*Foot stomping fun- I got the idea to create foot
game with Phonics Fun from Jamin many moons ago.
Today I put out only the letters of Spirits name
and arranged them on the floor. He enjoyed leaping
from one letter to the other yelling out the spelling to
his name. This went on for some time as he rearranged
the letters and asked to do it again and again. I have
been meaning to create a similar set but with lily pads.

*1+1+1=1 had neat idea using tops of soda
bottles spelling out the names of the members in
the family. I have been saving my soda tops to play
this game. So far I have Spirits name now working on
another member of the families . He really enjoys
this game. You can visit her site by clicking the graphic
on my side bar.

* Letter cards- I also created letter cards with
his name on so he can find the letters from the
box of magnet letters that we have .

*Playdough mat-Type out your childs name on the computer
as large as you can. Laminate it and you child has a
name playdough mat.


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