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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monkeys and Kangaroos...

We read many books about monkeys. How they live, what they
eat. We even had an old movie around here on monkeys. Superboy
has several animal movies. He loves animals and whenever I see one
out and about I pick it up for him. Last year I found a great 3 series
CD on birds. He has played that over and over again. He often tells
me little facts about animals. Anyway this game above
is a clothes pin game. The child counts the numbers of
monkey and clips the clothes pin on the number. (you could
really use any marker) This game was created by me
and is in my file for share under zoo on my side bar.
This monkey we created above hanging on a straw. I'd
love to tell you there is a pattern but I just drew him by hand.
We took number cards and then counted out how many
times the monkey could swing around his branch. (straw)
We had bananas for lunch.

For Kangaroo we created this pocket kanga You have to have a membership
to download the items on the site. We did the bible lesson
that went with it. I intended to keep his bible verse in the
pocket but if you look close you can see he glued his
pocket on upside down. I really love Danielles place
I have used this site over and over again for activities
at home and at our church.


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