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Thursday, April 8, 2010


This morning started out terribly. Daddy woke up
frustrated. Then found out he lost his bank card.
(Luckily it was resolved later. It was at the bank)
Sweet pea has been cutting two new teeth and is
very fussy and then Spirit threw a major melt down,
all before 7:30 am.

Spirits meltdown came about because he woke up
came downstairs and dumped all of his farm set onto
the floor. Not a problem right? Until I notice these
little eyes and hands coming the direction of the tiny

Up until now this has not been an issue at all.
Most of the toys he has are large enough for little hands
and mouths. His farm set though was another story.
There are tiny men, tools, hay bales and animals. To
tiny for little ones. I tried to talk to Spirit but he already
had it set in his head that this was the end of the
farm world. I tried to give him a choice but again the
farm world was endanger and he wanted to protect it.
Despite my careful approach with honestly isn't always
the case but this morning I took care. I allowed him
to cry and be upset but it seemed to be going over
the top . I decided he needed help to control his emotions.
My next step was time out. Once he had calmed down
I didn't talk to him about it right away. I had him
pick up the farm for now and then allowed him to do
something else. I could see he was still not ready to
listen. Later when he was ready to listen I went to him.

Its hard being a big brother.

Nods head.

But with being a big brother your job is to protect
your sister. I want to give you a mission to keep her
safe. Would you like that?


Now I have a secret tool here that will help to keep
her safe. I hand him a toilet tube. I tell him anything
that fits through this tube is not ok for you sister.
She could get hurt on something that falls through that
hole. You can take the tube and test some of your toys
if you like.

We spend some time testing out different toys.

Then I tell him. If the toy goes through the tube you
have to play with it upstairs or on the table . Those are
places that she can not get to . Only big boys like
you can play in these place. Think you can do that.

Yes.. (He seems to like this idea)

In hindsight I should have had this discussion sooner.
It may have gone more smoothly if I had had the plan
already in place but sometimes moms forgot about these
things and assume our little ones already know what to
do. I thought I'd share today about the toilet tube. It's
a simple concept I learned working in a daycare center
many years ago and still really works for adults as well.

If its stuck let them pluck
if it falls its not time to play at all.


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