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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family Walking Challenge

Get out there and Get Moving!!!

You are invited to join us in our Family walking Challenge.
It seems to me that we have been sitting around quite a bit over
the winter months. It is time to dust ourselves off. To get out there
and start moving. Since Daddy's heart failure occurred in Oct.
I have begun to be more conscious of what we are eating. It
has been a slow process and always ongoing. My goal for the
summer months was to get my family out and moving along
with myself. To begin I decided a spring walk would be a great
way to start. (You can also use it for gym hours) I created
a Calendar that has walking goals for the month of May. Starting
out slow walking 10 minutes a day with rest days for your
muscles to heal and strengthen. By the end of May you will
be walking 30 minutes. On May 31 we will celebrate by
taking a longer walk on our local trails.

For each day we get out there and walk we will put a sticker
on the calendar.The rest days will also hold for those days it
is rainy or something comes up in our family schedule. This
way walking days can be moved a bit as family activities
or rain comes about. On May 31 the children will recieve
certificates stating their success and some new outdoor toys
to promote our Summer on the Move. You can download the
form the May Walking Challenge .

*note it is up to you if your children will recieve anything
For their work. The reward could just be the walking goal.

If you would like to participate in the walking Challenge
Leave a comment that you are participating. I would
love to hear from you if you decided to walk and if you
are enjoying the time with your family. If you post about
your challenge please link back to us.


  1. Nikki, Thank you for your challenge. It is just what the doctor ordered- LOL. Seriously your challenge could not have come at a more perfect time to motivate and inspire me. Thanks! Linda Myers


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