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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


On our zoo journey we stopped off to visit the elephant.
I picked this book up at our local library and it is so
adorable. The baby elephant is having trouble adapting
to life as an elephant. His truck is so new to him and hard
to handle. He struggles and then begins to watch the adults
to learn how to use it to his advantage. He drinks with it,
he eats with it, cools himself, keeps from getting lost,
and snorkels as he swims. This was such an enjoyable book
and Spirit was able to act out the scenes and uses for the
elephants trunk

Suggested activity.. Have your child put a tube sock
on their hand and pick up peanuts as if it is an
elephants trunk.

This worksheet is always fun to do. I found the blank
sheet for
Elephant Bingo at PreK printables. I added
the numbers with sharpie that Spirit is beginning
to learn. The spinners I found in a pack of 6 at my local
dollar store. I wrote on the colors the numbers 1-5 just
like on the bingo sheet. You can really put anything on
these. This way Spirit could play alone. If he landed
on a 4. He would color the 4 elephant the color of his

I found this cute shape elephant at First School.
Spirit did have a little trouble putting him together.
I modeled it a few times and then we glued him together.


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