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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter at our House.

We had a lovely Easter Break. Each year my dad has activities
that he takes us all to for his work. The children get to make
a little craft , sit with the bunny for photos and then hunt eggs.

Toward the back we have Hearts boyfriend, Heart, the bunny and
Princess in black. Toward the front is Superboy in green,
Pappy , sweet pea and Spirit. Its funny because all the children
on the left hand side wanted and enjoyed the photo
and the children on the right hand side were not so sure.

This is my sweet girl in her adorable dress bought by her
Grammy. After the activities the entire family, including
my parents and my brother from North Carolina went
for lunch at a local restaurant. (This was Good Friday)

Spirit won a special chocolate bunny during the party.
He is all smiles about this.

We then went back to my grandmas. The children's
Great grandmas and talked. The children played outside
Heart snapped some photos. Later in the evening we
attended church services and I set up for our annual
church egg hunt.

I have no photos of the church egg hunt. This was
pretty busy for me. The photo above is from the egg hunt
on Friday. I had 51 children in attendance plus their parents.
Each child had a basket full of plastic eggs. When
the kids emptied them all they had a half gallon bag
full of goodies. There were 2,500 eggs filled for the
event. After that I took a flower for grandma to grandpas
grave. Then we headed to Daddy's fathers for Easter
dinner. The house was full of children and we enjoyed
each other for hours. Tomgirl came with her little
one. I was in heaven with two little babies on my lap.

It was an enjoyable holiday with lots of smiles.


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