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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cultivating the life God desires...

holy experience

We are in our rainy season here. One day it is really warm
a tease of what is to come and the next chilly and wet.
I take each of those warm days and enjoy them to the fullest.
I can barely contain the hope of the warm sun.

We have finished our zoo unit and are
now working on Spring, planting and signs of spring.
(I will continue to post zoo items till I have shared them all)

This time of year makes me somewhat restless. I am getting
geared up for a new school year in the fall. Which requires
searching the school sites, organizing plans and purchasing
supplies and books. Everything seems to be opening into
something brand new. As each day goes, rains and then
the Sunshine's, I open my eyes to the awe inspiring sights
that are opening forth for all to see. Those things that were
in hiding during the winter months. Things that we not
only hide visually but the hiding in my(our) heart. Winter seems
to be an easy time to grab your comforter up over yourself
and give into your fears. It is easier to ignore stirrings of
your heart if you are not ever careful.

It is time to open up and stop hiding those things. Stop hiding the
used up candy paper behind the sofa. Time to dust off the cobwebs
in the corner that you never can reach. Time to wash the windows
so you are able to open them and peer out into the vast beauty God
has created. Time to push off that comforter and dust
off those pants/skirts and clean up. Clean up the inside and
the outside. Accepting what you have been hiding in your
hearts those winter months and letting it go. Feeling lighter
and freer then ever before. Knowing that if all along you
had done so instead of hiding then life would have felt
brighter , more cheerful. Renew in your heart what you
know is good and right. Sit in the quiet of the day and
watch and listen. Breathing in natures beauty. Close your
eyes and listen to the song of the song bird. Let it
float you up to God and touch his hand.

Each new life stirring to be heard and viewed. Open you heart
to new things, to new life, and to new understanding. Dust
out the sin, pray and repent. Clean out the cobwebs and feel
lighter and new again. Just as spring blooms forth. God is so
Good, Awe inspiring and awesome.

Signs of Spring have touched our door. Have helped to
empty my soul in servitude. Birds building their nests,
Our first big fish to fry for dinner. Trees budding, flowers
blooming and the smell of cut grass. Drink it all in. Hear
the brooks and Let it go. Let it with God. He can handle all.


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