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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Worth a Million....

I am the problem solver.. This is my new Mom title.
Mom the patient, Mom the solver, Mom the puzzler,
Mom the patient, puzzle solver. It seems that is all I am
contending with. Just as I drop in the last piece of one puzzle,
I have a very brief moment and another million pieces is dropped
in my lap. I only have time to take a deep breath sigh, smile and begin
again. There is so much to do in a day. It has come down to one
Of those planners with the hour by hour for each day. Each hour is
filled with a task needing done. There is no time to just sit and fiddle.
Hmm maybe fiddling would be easier to learn.

Never mind the day to day tasks of late things have grown wider.
When we went to purchase our new to us van. Our money was
missing from our bank account. My wonderful church friends were
sweet enough to work out an agreement until it was resolved.
Which I was so happy for because our old van was so beat up.
By the way have I mentioned how much we love our new van.
Maybe only 1,000 times. This week we had to make out our
police report and have papers notarized for sending to our bank.
The police are going to the ATM in question and taking a peek
at the photos. We should know soon who the culprit is. Then if
the bank sees it was someone other than us using the card

(which they will) we will then get our money back from the bank.
Hopefully it goes that smoothly. Not only that but the bank issued
us 3 cards now none of which we have received. So each has
been stopped and reshipped. This time they Fed Ex'd it to us.
I was surprised that Fed Ex actually put the envelope in our door.
When we didn't answer immediately . That means if we hadn't
been home our bank card would have been sitting on our porch.
That is wayyy to trusting for me. No wonder ours has gone missing
multiple times.

Now on top of this our medical cards were causing all sorts of issues.
We were told we owed a large sum of money to the Dr. office.
Apparently our new cards weren't sent. Our Co pay is different.
The large sum turned out to not be so large after all but our Co-pay
has risen a little bit. (Nothing we cant handle of course)

Then today I received my electric bill with extra charges placed
on it. Again problem solving momma spent time with the phone
in one hand and baby in the other as I tried to solve this next issue.
Again all is solved. They keep coming I tell you. One after another.
Honestly hopefully that is the last mistake from a bank, electric
company, insurance co. that I see for awhile.

And so in honor of my problem solving week that I seem to be having.
I decided to present to you The Bible Millionaire game. Lets
see if you can solve these questions from the bible. If you don't know the
answers you can always have your bible ready for solving purposes.
This PowerPoint was created for my elementary/middle school er to
Play with. I created 2 games from the PowerPoint blanks I posted
a bit ago. You can find the games on my sidebar on the right.
In my file for share folder, Click the bible folder.
The games are listed as Millionaire 1 and Millionaire 2. You can play
as a team or create two teams and see how far you can get. Some of
the questions will seem just plain silly. Its all in the fun. A relief from
the labor. Hint.. before playing the game you might want to try the
slides before you begin in how you advance them. If you click to fast
to move to another slide the answer will be revealed before you
want it to . So try it out first.


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