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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweet Peas Baptism

My little Sweet pea is 6 months old!!
She almost sits up now on her own. If she weren't
trying to rock back and forth she'd probably have it.
She loves playing in her exersaucer. She can busy
herself for hours at a time. She has also become very
aware of where mommy is. She will cry if I walk
past her without talking to her or picking her up. She
often cries for other family members until I take her .
She usually fusses for strangers it is a rare occurance for
someone she isn't fimilar with to be able to hold her.

Sunday April 28, Sweet Pea was baptised..
It was a beautiful occasion.

My mom took her in the early morning so I could still
handle my responsiblities at Grace. Mom brought her
to me all dressed and fed. She says that Sweet pea smiled
all over all morning and especially when she was dressed.
It was as if she knew the day was hers.

Mom also mentioned that she giggled when she pulled
some of her toys out. That she seemed to recognize
her little dolly. We were a little concerned in the
morning. Daddy had gotten his hair cut and beard trimmed
The night before. Sweet pea cried everytime he came near
her. We think she didn't recognize him but by the time
The baptism occured she seemed relaxed with the change.

The Pastors words touched my heart. That God would again
trust me with such a precious little one. The words seem to have
more meaning to me as the years have gone by. Probably
because my understanding of Gods word has grown as time
has passed. My eyes welled up with tears. I blinked to keep
them from falling.

We were suprised again that Sweet pea allowed
the Pastor to hold her during the ceremony. As he
prayed over her I saw her squirm and knew it wouldn't
be long till the tears came. He ended her prayer just in
time for me to stop the wailing. It was the most perfect
timing as Gods will is always perfect.

I was a little disappointed that a lot of our photos
with the pastor didn't come out as clear but I will print them
anyway for the memory. This was taken afterwards of me with
all of my children. (My step children weren't in attendance)
From left to right you have Me, with Sweet pea, Superboy,
Spirit in front of him, Heart and Princess. More photos to
come later. There were to many to add in one day.


  1. I know this is cliche, but that Sweet Pea has grown so much already! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Thank-you to both of you. My oldest took those photos. She would like to go to school for photography. Sweet pea takes lovely photos though. She is so photogenic.


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