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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stuck in her Thumb and pulled out a BELL?

My little sweet pea will be 8 months in a few weeks.
She is beginning to get into that "get into everything stage".
This morning she was playing on the floor and came across
a big bell. She was enjoying the bell rolling it around. Listening
to it jingle. It was so large I didn't think anything could harm
her on it so I allowed her play with it. She smiled and giggled.
Suddenly she was very unhappy. I checked things out and
here the bell was stuck on her thumb. I tried to take it off
but it was suck for certain and for sure. I carried her to the
kitchen with this big bell her on thumb and all I could
think of was the rhyme Little Jack Horner... How he sticks his
thumb into a pie and pulls out a plum. I ran water over her
little thumb but it still wouldn't come off. So I added soap
and it slid off leaving a little cut. She is sooo very
curious. More curious than any of the others. I am going
to have to watch her like a hawk.

She is just beginning to get up on her hands and rocking back
and forth as if she wants to crawl. She gets around by getting
on her hands and knees and then sliding. It reminds you of
how a Caterpillar might go across a leaf. So even though she
can't quite crawl yet she manages to get around just fine.

Sweet pea can also sit alone for the most part. You still needs
to be near by for support but she can sit for long periods and
really enjoys playing this way.

She is still always smiling, always giggling and always
so happy.


  1. Sweet pics of your darling baby! I am past the baby stage but I still like to look at other peoples babies. LOL


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