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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning Early this Year....

I am only stopping for a little break this morning.
I wake up and barely have time to breath. I know
it isn't quit spring but I am ready for it and have begun
our spring cleaning. Yesterday and today we sorted out all
the toys in our house. I found that some could be passed to
the smaller ones. Some of the toys were broken and falling
apart, and then there were some that are useful but have
lost their excitement for the moment. I had bags and boxes
for each area a bag for trash, a bag for toys that our church
nursery could use, a bag for toys passed to the babies in our home,
a bag for our church rummage sale and a box for storage.
The children are working on lessons right now in their own
rooms today. At lunch time I hope to have them help me
carry out all the bags to their proper locations. It feels so
good to go through all those unnecessary items. While
they are working on a few lessons I am going to go through
their clothing. It is a bit early to sort the summer clothes
but I think that I can tell already which are going to fit and
what we will need to purchase. I will be taking inventory so to
speak of these items and making a list of the needed
clothing. I think it will be best to sort this all out now so
that I can enjoy the beginning of spring with the children.
Possibly taking some long walks and using our nature journals.

Now tell me why when you clean up all the clutter and
sort all the toys out that the little ones then pull it all
out again. I suppose it looks so wonderfully inviting that they
can't stand letting it sit. Plus I imagine that they are
seeing things that they forgot they had. Quite honestly there
are many things I forgot they had.

I also need to clean out our old van because it will go
this week to the junk yard, since that is all it is worth. I have
our yard chairs in the trunk, strollers, my box of mommy goodies
such as wipes, napkins, small blanket etc.. and a few sit
down toys for Spirit to play with since rides seem so long for him.
Hopefully I can move all of that to our new van and make it feel
more like home. Honestly I don't even want to dig through that van.
I am completely done with it. I can barely stand looking at it.
It has caused us so much trouble and so much money. I will be
glad when its in the right place with the other.....JUNK.

Now if I could just get the men in our house to get organized
life would be good. I know I talked about this the other day a
bit but it is still a thorn in my side. I do not know why they
think they need to keep everything. Even with the toy clean
up Spirit was there picking out toys I had to give away. Superboy
keeps odd things that have absolutely no purpose (to me), such
as wire from the end of a spiral notebook, or a piece of paper
with a few scratches on it. If it were me I'd throw it all out
in one dash and only keep the things worth keeping. Daddy tends
to be a bit like this as well. Keeping old computers for parts
and old electronics. Princess is more like her mommy when
getting rid of things. She has cleaned up so much I barely know
if she has anything left. If she has no use for it it goes out the
door. Maybe she is even better at it than I am since there
are times when I see something and think Awww she can't
get rid of that but then I realize that she isn't a baby anymore.
That she really probably doesn't have a use for the item.

So off I go. I hope to share some more Pre K zoo items
with you this week and some fun bible games. I had hoped
to share my bible millionaire game but the powerpoint doesn't
want to seem to load in my file share. I'll try one more time
and then I suppose it will just have to be mine to keep to myself.

If you happen to be Spring cleaning let me some of the things that
you like to do each year at this time to stay organized. I am
always looking for new ideas to add to my old ones.


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