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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is....
March 9, 2010

Outside My Window....
It is a beautiful 50 degrees. Our laundry is hanging in the
cool breeze. My hope is that Spring is truely on the way.
That the snow is done.

I am Thinking.....
about getting things ready for our church rummage sale.
I have the kids going through their belongings and donating the items
they no longer want. I don't know why but the girls in this house
are willing to get rid of so much more than the boys are. Maybe
because we clean up more and no the value of less clutter. For some
reason the boys haven't figured this one out yet.

Health Care....

Daddy has been doing pretty good. No major issues or
challenges. It has been a nice change from the every moment

Princess X-rays came out just as we wanted them too so that
was excellent news. Spirits nails fell off now and are beginning to
grow again. It is much easier for him to play.

From the learning rooms...

Pre Algebra Geometric shapes
Literature- Reading classics
History- Inventors of the period
Science- Creation Science

Math- Geometry
(Still working on multiplication using the
game at
Literature- Reading about Greece (finishing that this week)
History- Industrial Revolution
Science - Classifying animals

Working on the letters Z
Learning about Zoo animals, what they eat, where they
live, Creating a lapbook. Doing a few Saint patricks day crafts.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Roast beef gravey and french fries
Tuesday- Fried chicken, peas, and baked potatoes
Wednesday- sausage, corn and pasta
Thursday- Salad and pasta
Friday- Barbque pork sandwiches, pickles
and fruit
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Tan pants and pink shirt

I am creating...
Less choas by cleaning house and getting rid
of things we no longer need. (ha ha Like my old van)

I am hearing....
Children playing and giggling

Favorite things.....
Sweet peas adorable little lamb that plays music.
He is soo soft.

I am Thankful for..
Healthy family
The sun shining
Games for learning
All the help with cleaning from
princess this week
My messy bedroom because it means it
is in the process of being orderly again.

I am praying for...
Daddy that his health continues to move upward.
Financial stability unemployment is scary

Princess for her testing at the Dr. Friday (testing came out
wonderfully thanks for the prayers)

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School
Tesday- School
Wednesday- School, Choir
Thursday- school, Cub Scouts
Friday- School
Saturday- shopping, planning
Sunday- Church, Baby shower

Picture I'd like to share.....Sweet pea and Heart


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