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Monday, March 29, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook ---- Spring Break

Today is....
March 29th, 2010

Outside My Window....
It is grey and has rained quite a bit. We seem to be
in our rainy season.

I am Thinking.....
About Spring Break. Everyone needs a breather once in awhile
and with all the illness we have faced recently we need
time to clean the house thoroughly. I also need to get started
on planning for next year. Our local curriculum fair is coming up
and I hope to look for some of the books I plan to use in the
used curriculum aisles.

Health Care....
Daddy has to go this week for some blood work. Just routine
check up type things. He also is to get his eyes checked in the
near future.

Spirits Asthma has been behaving itself. He hasn't been
using his inhailer anymore.

....and I got that lovely stomach virus again... Yuck twice
in the last month. This time less voilent but still not fun.

From the learning rooms...
(over spring Break)

Will be working over spring Break on an English paper
that is past due. I have assigned this 2 weeks ago and it should
have been completed by now. I give her ample time to
complete these assignments I give her to work on on her own.
So she must have it completed Today. She also has some art
she'd like to work on.

Over spring Break Superboy will continue with
his phonics and Science. I'd like to finish up our units
before we take a much needed break in the summer months.

Will be playing and enjoying the weather if it allows us to.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Chicken corn soup
Tuesday- Salad and fruit
Wednesday- sausage, corn and pasta
Thursday- Hot open roast beef sandwiches and
gravey with french fries
Friday- Pizza
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Blue capris and a grey shirt

I am creating...
Working on preparing Easter Crafts for fellowship at church.
This will consume my crafting time till after Easter.
(update most of the prepartions is ready just need
to cut a few stripes of tissue paper)

I am hearing....
The kids having a converstaion about bones.

Favorite things.....
Jelly bellies.

I am Thankful for..
Jesus for saving me on the cross and
saving me each day I open my eyes.

Really good books and the time to read them.
The food on our table that I pray will continue to flow.

Homemade easter Candy.. So good it's painful.

I am praying for...

Our church family

A homeschool family whose dad is very ill and will
only get worse as time goes. It is very hard for all of them.

Our VBS coordinator.

Our financial situation (something has to give soon)

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Still recooperating from being sick but doing
paper work and such my desk was piled. I can see wood now.
Tuesday- Open to the day
Wednesday- Stop at church to get things ready for Easter
and to drop of Pizza orders
Thursday- dying easter eggs and church service
Friday- Egg hunt at my dads work, spending the day with
grandparents and then church services
Saturday- Easter fellowship activities at our church
including set up, and tear down.
Sunday- Church, Easter at Papaws


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