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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Our engines have been very warm this week. We have been
running errands and attending appointments. It has given us a
chance to get used to our new mini van. The children are enjoying
the extra room they seem to have and I have gotten used to
how it handles. Each of us has selected a radio station that is
programmed into the player. The only problem is deciding
who gets to choose. Typically daddy gets his station when
riding in the van. The girls choose next and I get mine if no
one else is along, which as you can imagine doesn't happen
often or if only the little ones are there.

Monday Superboy had his last dental appointment out of 6
in the treatment process. If he has learned nothing else it is
brush and brush often. I also have become more diligent about
checking to see if they have brushed. That was an expensive
lesson I hope not to repeat. I have always checked when they
were small but as they got older I assumed they had that covered.
I suppose in hindsight I should have known Superboy would be the
one to sneak that past me. I don't know why it is so hard to
light motivation under him. I try and try to cultivate a
good work ethic but he still is floundering about.
Hopefully one day my hard work will shine through. I can
only pray for it at this point as I am doing all I can think to do
to get that boy going. It goes all the way through him
from cleaning up after himself to doing his school lessons.
Basically I find myself following him around all day long
trying to make sure he is doing what he is supposed to do.
He is distracted so easily by any little sound, toy or even talking.
Somehow at times I even find myself babbling along with him
instead of him doing the math I assigned him. Then I have
to remind him and myself that he needs to be working.
His lessons take him so long to complete and not because
they are overly difficult but because of his distraction tactics.
I have found as most children do that he loves to play games
so I try to incorporate that into his day but honestly
sometimes you just have to sit down and write out the answers
to the facts. That is just how life is. He just has to learn
to find the joy in all tasks. Even ones he finds the
task difficult, boring or long. It's a challenge.

Yesterday Princess had her well check up at the Dr.
office. It hit me how much she has grown one second
and the next how young she still is. Without giving to
much information Princess had to go for an X-ray. (she would
not like me going into detail ) She was so anxious about it.
I went along with her the entire way. More so than I thought
she'd need me for. It was almost strange to have her rely
on me so as she is so independent. The older she gets the
harder she pushes for it. I have to step back sometimes.
I am so used to her needing me that now that I am to step
back I have to consciously think it through before I act.
Yet there as she sat in her blue gown she seemed so young.
That balance of being there and allowing her to fall are
so difficult at this preteen age. Emotions often flair and then
subside. I am never sure where she is at a given moment.
I just take it in stride. What will today bring I don't know.
Most importantly I just watch first then react following her lead.

It seems as I am typing this I realize what a mess we all are.
Daddy and his medical issues, Superboy and his dental,
princess and her X-rays and Spirit with his nails. Yep even
Spirit has an issue lately. He hit one of his fingers with a
hammer and the other jammed it at the picnic table when playing
in the snow. Both fingers became infected. Him being so
young we soaked him in the tub till he was a little prune and then
squeezed a little to get the infection out. The I put
neosporin for kids and a band aid to keep it clean. That
seemed to work as the infection has gone away but now his
nails are falling off. His middle finger I think will be off
very soon as it is barely on. It is hard for him to play and
keep them clean for fear the infection will reappear.

As you can see we have been busy mending.


  1. I can so relate with you problems with superboy. Peter doesnt brush his teeth well at all and I am continually forgetting to follow up on it. I finally bought him an electric tooth brush. It has helped a lot. He also pokes around all day on his school work. Its so hard to motivate little boys!

  2. That is funny that you mention the electric toothbrush as that seemed to work for Superboy as well. I suppose getting a boy excited about teeth you have to get out the electronics. Now if they had an electric flosser we'd be in business. It is hard to motivate little boys. I am hearing that from other moms too so it must be the age and stage. I keep hoping it will pass and yet it has gone on for 2 good years now. I dont know what I'd do if he picked up after himself or did his work quicky and dilgently. Thanks for stopping by by the way I read you blog daily.


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