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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Junk, ,Babies, and Burger King Oh My

What a busy day. It is now 2 a.m. the next morning
but sleep is not coming for some reason. Maybe the
busyness of the day so thought I'd blog then sleep.

I woke knowing that the day was going to be hectic. I
readied the family. This typically takes an hour to get
baby fed, changed , and the others together and out the door.
Our first stop was the junk yard. Finally that old Blue van is
gone. I can't say I see the draw of the junk yard but I was
surprised at how busy it was there. Men going in and out as
I stood under the makeshift shed, my feet precariously standing
in the solidest mud I could locate to stand on. I am so glad
I didn't actually have to do farther inside with the shoes I had
on. I then drove the rest of the family back home again.
I had forgotten to take the van off of our policy so I called
immediately after returning. This took about 20 minutes as
the insurance company decided it was time to review my
policy and of course they tried to sell me other insurance.
I hate that pushiness ,as this was going on I was making copies
that I would need for my next venture out.

By this time it was almost 10:00. The kids had finished their
math skills and were on to bigger and better things. I planned
For this day in advance and they were prepared to work on
lessons alone most of the day with little help from Daddy.
I stopped long enough to feed the baby and change her . Then
with Spirit and baby in hand we headed out for errand day.

My first stop the bank, then the Notary to get rid of that extra tag
I had. This place was also surprisingly busy. (Don't people work anymore
during the day. ) I had to wait almost 30 minutes to get rid of the
tag which only took a minute or two to do. While we waited
Spirit sucked on a lollipop we had gotten from the bank. An elderly
man joked with him asking him if he'd share his lolly and asked if
he was Pappys boy as he had his John Deere hat on. Sweet pea
slept through this entire event, which was one small blessing.

Next stop to drop some personal paperwork off in town, of course
I couldn't park anywhere near the building and had to walk about
a block and a half to drop of a paper. Sweet pea was stirring so I just
plucked her from her car seat and took her that way with Spirit
holding my hand. The dropping of the paper was quick and easy
with a potty break for Spirit. Honestly didn't we just leave the
house. Despite that fact Spirits stomach was calling so I stopped off
at Burger King for a bite to eat. Not the most nutritious but it did the
job. Now this next stop was every kids dream but somehow I
managed to get out of there unscathed.....

Babies R us... I had two babies to buy for for showers that are
coming up. The registries were printed for me. I looked through
the list... walked around... looked through the list.... Not finding
a thing on it.... walked some more... asked someone to help with
a blanket on the list.... Hmmm not in stock... thought maybe the
other list might work better for the other mommy...walked some
more... Spirit.. Potty...decided I'll buy what I want to buy.. Darn registry...
I won't say what I bought but both are for little girls. It was fun
to shop for them but there were several adorable things I wanted
for Sweet pea too. The cutest head bands and swimsuits on sale
already. Everything girly.. I also must say that my newest favorite
baby item is the cloth that you purchase to put over the shopping
carts. I think they are called Floppy seats. This was Sweet peas
first time sitting in one but I thought since she is sitting up fairly
well that she would enjoy this and ohh shopping was so pleasant
as she looked all around cooing.

Last stop ( well maybe) was walmart. I had to buy some
odds and ends. By now we had gotten in and out of
our car seats sevearl times. I actually taught Spirit how to buckle himself
which saved some time. This store was uneventful. Other than check
out. The lady I had at check out was really slow. Now I am
not a person in a hurry so when I say she was slow I mean
really really slow. I only had a few items yet the register
beside us checked out 6 huge loads of groceries to my one with
maybe 15 odds and ends. Of course Spirit is not standing bored
looking at items that they have at the check out after a bit that
bores him too so now he needs the potty again. I ask him to
wait a moment. He spies the drinks and decides he doesn't have
To go potty but needs a drink. Finally we head home. Traffic
is horrible. Can you tell I don't like to go out often.

I decided to stop for pizza for dinner but realize that with
Sweet pea and Spirit how would I possibly carry it. So I return
home. (right down the road a bit) Unload babies and bags.
Grab Heart and head out again. This time I need gas, Heart
needs to stop at the bank to cash a check and then the pizza
place where we sip on sodas and chat about our days till pizza is

Then Finally a real last we head home. Eat , feed sweet pea,
grade papers, dress sweet pea in PJs, Pap comes to take Superboy
to cubscouts, (thanks pap) Spirit tags along, Boys return, Pjs for
all and bed. Which I did actually stay in until now..

Now you'd think that accomplishing so much would mean blissful sleep
and yet the day is running through my head. So now
that that is off my mind I think I'll try to go back to sleep....
See you in the morning.... Wait it is technically morning..
Ok the morning where you are actually awake and beginning
you day with children. That morning..


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