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Friday, March 5, 2010

In like a LION....

March is said to come in like a LION and out like a LAMB.
Lets just hope that March does just that as the weather
has been very wintery this year.

Spirit and I are learning all about zoo animals. This
day we created these fun Lions after viewing a
powerpoint about Lions. You can download the
powerpoint here..

Our lion was created by cutting a large yellow heart
from construction paper, A small heart for his nose
and strips of paper cut for his mane. We had to use
all of our ABC magnets to get him to stay on our
refridgerator. We hope to have an entire zoo on there
by the end of next week.

We then went on a Lion hunt because one of the lions
was missing from the zoo... (similar to the bear hunt)

Going on a lion hunt. But I'm not afraid!'
Cause I'm smart and I'm strong
And I'm very, very brave.

[Recite 1st part]I see some grass.It's very tall grass.
Can't go over it.Can't go under it.Gotta go through it.
(Make noises by brushing palms together.

Repeat 1st Part]I see a tree.A very tall tree.
Can't go over it.Can't go under it.Gotta chop it down.
(Make chopping movements with hands.)

[Repeat 1st part]I see some mud.Ooey-gooey mud.
Can't go over it.Can't go under it.
Gotta go through it.
(Make squishy sounds with hands clasped together.)

[Repeat 1st part]I see a cave.A dark spooky cave.
Can't go over it.Can't go under it.
Gotta go inside it.(Wave open hands in front of eyes

[Repeat 1st part]I see something furry.
Something big and furry!
(SCREAM)It's a LION!! RUN!!!

Run out of the cave,
Through the mud puddle,
Over the chopped down tree,
Through the grassy place,
Run inside and slam the door.

SSShhewww we are safe..


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