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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Easter Activities

It might seem early to be thinking about Easter but I have
to think about it right about now. Every year our church
holds Easter Fellowship activities for the children of our church.
Last weekend I spend it sorting eggs and putting them into plastic
baggies for the congregation to fill with goodies and return.
Sunday many families took the eggs to begin prepartions. It takes
me a month to have everything in its place. Besides our annual
egg hunt with about 2,000 eggs, we also have crafting activities
and a snack time. To begin preparing for the crafting I ask our
church family for donations. To help draw attention to our
Easter needs I created this board.

Each egg has a supply that is needed for the activities.
Under the egg is another egg. Families take the supply egg
off which is taped to the board. That top egg is for them to take
with them as a reminder. The bottom egg is left with the Supply
item, name of person getting the item, and their phone number.
I think this will work wonderfully in making sure that I get
the supplies that I need. Last year I had 12 packages of
napkins and only needed 1. My mind has been spinning with
other ideas to use a board such as this in our ministry. Maybe
for nursery helpers, Christmas crafting, and snack helpers.
If you have any other ideas please share.


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