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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Asthma,Shots,Easter, and School planning .. All in One.

I surely have been missing from my blog lately. Honestly I
have Not gone away. It just so happens that it is that
season in my life where I am busy, busy, busy...
I have so much to share with you that we created. Hopefully
I can get to posting these later this week. So, what have
we been up too....

Spirit was Diagnosed with Asthma, which I
know many children have. It has been new to all of us.
He seemed to enjoy using his inhaler at first but now
the novelty has worn off. I have had to make a game
of it but there is only so much you can do with breathing
in and out. As the week goes he is using it less and
less. He is also off the meds now which is wonderful
since they made him very hyper. More so in talking then
anything. His new thing is to tell scary stories. It is
hilarious. I really need to get one of these on tape.
His arms go and his eyes get so big. Never mind
the stories aren't very scary at all.

Sweet Pea has had her own adventures. Monday she
had her 6 month check up even though she is 7months.
She was vaccinated at that time and given a tetanus shot.
Poor little girl ended up with a terrible fever and her
little leg is sore from the tetanus. You can tell because
she fusses when you touch it. I have been putting cold
compress on it for her. She has been overly clingy .
I enjoy holding her and snuggling. It is just hard to get
any chores done. When you sit her down to play , she
fusses immediately after. Sometimes I just have to allow
her to fuss a little. One does need to use the restroom
on occasion.

Finances have been getting tighter and tighter. Daddy's
health seems to be leveled out but his work still
will not allow him back. I honesty don't know how
much longer we can hold on. Somehow though the
Lord seems to provide. Each month when I don't think
we will make it something gives and we do by a tiny hair.
I earnestly pray and He gives. It is so amazing. It is hard
at times to be faithful but I push myself to stay on course.

I am also in the throughs of preparing our easter activites
at our church. I have over 2,000 eggs filled with candy
and treats for the children. I now have to work on cutting
and preparing for the crafting section. I have done this
now for the last 5 years. It has become second nature to
complete it all. Each year I have about 60 children in
attendance. At the moment I have 30 registered but I
can tell you they will come. It is wonderful to be able to
be apart of their celebration with Christ. I can hardly
believe that Spring has sprung and that next week is
Palm Sunday already. Today I will be heading out to do
our Easter shopping and gather more supplies for the
church activities. I will not need to buy any candy
as I have already bought a few peeps and jelly beans.
Daddy has been working making the candy. It gives
Him something to do. I probably will end up making a
second trip to the store later this week.

The older children are busy as usual. Toad is off going
to school and handling his weekends with the national
guard. Tom girl is tending to that new little one and Heart
is ending her year as a Senior. Time sure does fly by.
Superboy and Princess are working hard on their studies.
Princess has been dilegently working. Her hardest subjects
seem to be grammar and Science. I am looking at
curriculum for next year. I am thinking of trying Daily
grams to keep her grammar skills up. No sooner than
you try a skill she has forgotten it . It can be very
frustrating. I also am looking for a good bible program.
I am considering creating my own but might try some of
the Notgrass studies. Superboy seems to be struggling
through in all subjects. Maybe its the weather that is
bothering him. He just wants to play and play all day.
I don't know what to do to get him to focus more. Both
of them seem to struggle with their writing skills. With
Superboy it is remembering the basics of using
Capital letters and remembering puncuation. You'd
think he would automatically do this by now. All
of these thoughts are going through my head. Its
that time of year to begin plans and purchases for
our family. I have so many ideas to help them and
have ongoing notes on my pc for when I think of them.
They are very vague at times but helps me when reading
through them as to what I am looking for to better
meet their needs. As the weeks go I am preparing my
list for our local homeschool sale. I won't be attending
a big convention this year. Trying to save as much
as I can and find as many resource for sale or free
online. I know they are out there. So I will put
my ideas and topics together and see what I can
come up with this summer. Should be interesting.

There is so much going on I could honestly write
a novel but I'll leave you with these thoughts for
now. More on planning later.


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