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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Storm 2010

We have been Shoveling and shoveling show around here. Over
the weekend we got 2 foot of snow. We finally shoveled
completely out and now...... this.... at least another foot has
fallen here and it is to continue to 7pm tonight. This is my
mini van. I hate the color of it but now you can barely see
that tacky blue because it is all white. Hopefully this weather
stops so we can pick up our new van soon.

Take a peek at the picinic table. There is not eating happening
here right now..

This is the bush in our front yard. Poor little bush only his
top branches are visible.

This is the tree across the road. All covered in snow. Some of
The trees are falling down over there from the weight. We are
supposed to have blizzard like conditions the rest of the day
with possible power outages.


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