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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Water Color Fun...

Yesterday we created these fun water color projects. I like using
water colors so much with a preschooler. There is less mess to clean up
and it's easy for children to use. There are many techniques you
can use as well. Here we used a crayon resist technique for Valentines
day. Spirit is learning about the letter X. So we put lots of Valentine
Kisses X and Hugs O all over his paper. He had a little trouble pressing
hard enough but you can still vaguely see the X and O. This is a fun
idea to do with an elementary student as well. Mom can write on
with the write crayon a special word or spelling word and the child
will paint to reveal the secret. I have done this several times in Sunday
school with Jesus' name.

This polar bear painting idea came from one of my favorite blogs
I simplified it for Spirit to do during his Eskimo study. I drew and
cut out my own simple shape for the polar bear but you can find the
pattern on The Artist Women's blog. I cut the bears out of card stock
and taped them down with painters tape. I showed Spirit and example
before hand so he could see we had to add paint all around the bear.
After it dried we added a little flare with snowflake sequins.


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