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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Download and Go

Our time is valuable. I want to make sure that I spend as much of it
with my family as I can. I am home with my children because I want
to love and care for them. With all the demands of life it is so nice to
find the download and go e-books. With that love in mind what a
better unit study for us to do together than the Valentine study.
We are a hands on family, creative and artistic, Lapbooking is our
learning style of choice. The Valentine Unit study is the perfect match
for our family. The unit is broken into a five day study. You could
stretch it longer I am sure with all the web links and ideas
within the unit. Each day children will do a little of the lapbook learning
all about love. They will learn the history of Valentine’s Day,
How Valentine’s day is celebrated around the world, how to make
candy hearts, how the heart works, and bible verses containing
the word love. All of the planning is completely done for you. A list
of books is included and categorized by day to go along with each lesson.
There are so many book choices. We love to read as a family. It is so
nice to have so many options just in case our small library doesn’t carry
one of the titles. You will find links to you tube to aide in the learning
process and links to learn and craft. With this e-book we will be able to
complete work in History, Science, Art, Writing, Vocabulary,
Home economics, and Bible. A lot of the time I open an e-book and
I am disappointed at the lack of creativity. With the download and go
this was not the case. Not only will we learn about love but I can
show them love and care as we go through this lesson. I have children
ranging in a wide span of ages from elementary to high school and I
believe this can be adapted to any age of learning. Finally a project we
can all work on together.

If you would like to try the Valentine Download and
Go ebook visit
Old Schoolhouse Online Store


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