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Monday, February 8, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is....
February 8, 2010

Outside My Window....
The sun is shining and the snow is everywhere.
At least 3 foot of snow fell over the weekend.

I am Thinking.....
That it is great to homeschool. One can go sledding on their
lunch break and use the big hill when all the neighbor kids are
in the school building sitting. Sledding can be gym class. Lots
of exercise there.

Health Care....
Unbeknown to me.. Dad ran out of his meds before
the winter snowstorm. He has been out of meds for
about a week now. He will be picking them up on Monday.
I'll have to keep better tabs on that. I should know that he
is not real good at managing those type of things.

He did manage to shovel us out even with his
heart condition. I wish his job could have seen him. Maybe
they would take him back to work. I hated seeing him do that
but he took lots of breaks. He even shoveled out our neighbor
who in the fall had fallen of his roof working on it.

Our Family Superbowl party messed me up on that one.
Dad made Stromboli's Chicken wings, meatballs, had chips,
cheese puffs, nachos, cupcakes, and deviled eggs. What
a combo...Lots of leftovers.

From the learning rooms...

Pre Algebra Decimals and ordering numbers
Literature- Reading about Great Artists
History- Beginning of the Great depression
Science- Creation Science

Math- division dividing 3 digit numbers
Literature- reading Stone Fox
History- Industrial Revolution
Science - Human body and the nervous system

Working on the letters E, X, V
This entire month we will be working with a snow,
winter theme, Artic, Eskimos, and Valentines.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Leftovers from the SuperBowl party
Tuesday- Breakfast for dinner
Wednesday- Roast beef gravey and french fries
Thursday- Pork Chops, mashed potatoes and peas
Friday- Salads and fruit
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Black jeans, pink top and fuzzy slippers

I am creating...
Valentine crafts with each of the kids seperately.
This year we are giving Valentines within the family.
The children will be crafting with me in private and then
sharing their gifts on Valentines day.

Also creating a book cover for my bible

I am hearing....
Baby making cooing noises.

Favorite things.....
My new day planner. Each day is set up by
the hour. Just what I needed.

I am Thankful for..
All the pink hearts and girlyness of Valentines day.
Cinnomon hearts (one of my favorite candies)
My bible
Sweet peas fuzzy snowflake pants. They are so cute
Big blow up sleds.
Baby toys that keep baby busy
Little hands and feet
Bubble baths and quiet moments

I am praying for...
- My family and their faith as it waivers and hopefully grows
-For a dear Friend as she is coordinating VBS this year
-And another friend stuggling to pay for a broken van.
(I've been there and can relate)
-Hopefully soon buying a new Mini van a 2001 awaiting details
(If you followed you know we so need this)
-Toad and school and all the details of housing

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School -Attending a New Classes near
our home.. Gym , Art, and Bible
Tuesday- School
Wednesday- School , Dental appointment, and choir practice
Thursday- school and cubscouts
Friday- School
Saturday- Church Spaghetti Dinner
Sunday- Church,Path


  1. Glad to know you pray and that you are thankful for your bible. I'm thankful for lots of things like God and my fuzzy slippers..Around me I hear chickens Thanks for sharing


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